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Bask in the Beauty of Philippines

philippine tourism Travel Philippines with its majestic tourist attractions.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines”

This is the famous slogan the Philippines has for their very progressive tourism. Yes, it is truly more fun in the Philippines! Consider the beautiful tourist attractions this country has. Appreciate the beauty of the country which made it more popular even to the nations of other continents!

Bask in the beauty of the Philippines. This country is rich of natural resources and a wealth of majestic spots can be seen. This place could be your best choice for a planned getaway. This country is your best preferred for an escapade. Those beaches, mountains, or even diving spots, are your choices if you wish to visit Philippines.

The tourism in the Philippines is one of the most widely visited in the Asian continent. Every year millions of tourists or visitors are recorded as part of the nation’s statistics in this field. This helped the country’s economy and has a significant role of the nation’s development. This also lessen the number of jobless people in the country and were engaged to being part of the Philippine tourism industry.

Enough with all these introductions, let us go and delve more into the finest tourist attractions the country has to offer.

    beautiful places in the Philippines
  • Boracay. This famous island is located in Aklan, the southern part of Manila. This is considered as one of the beautiful places in the Philippines because of its white beach, jolly nightlife, and tranquility. This island have already been featured in some international travel magazines like Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure. The island’s white beach will surely attract your sights as well as its neat appearance. The cold yet relaxing waters triggers relaxation and calmness to your bodies. Activities like surfing, scuba diving, and parasailing are some you should try in Boracay. Aside from that, you can enjoy its nightlife which is vibrant and lively.

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  • Vigan. The City of Vigan is situated in the province of Ilocos Sur. This is where old structures of old Philippines can be seen. Its cobblestone streets and impressive architecture are what made Vigan a well-visited in the country. The remnants of the colonial era are sealed in Vigan. The abundance of the Spanish architecture are still sited in the area. This is where the historical background of the Philippines truly reflects. One of the famous tourist spots in Vigan is the Calle Crisologo. They say it’s more like a throwback in time since the place has a lot of old buildings and antiques left during the Spanish era. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the night life in the Calle. Good restaurants also serves good food in the place which totally fits your stay in Vigan.

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  • Moalboal. Reef diving, beautiful resorts and white sand. Some of the possible views and activities you can do in this place. Moalboal is part of Southern Cebu, a peninsula which is home to about 30,000 people. The Pescador Island is its popular tourist spot. The Pescador Island coral reef is what attracts tourists. Aside from the reefs, you can also dive into the cathedral cave of the island. Meanwhile, there are other things you can do in Moalboal. These include: scuba diving, snorkeling, and even swim with the sardines in Pescador. It is known that the island is one of the best diving sites in the country. No wonder a lot of tourist come and enjoy the beauty underwaters.

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  • Taal Lake. Located between the the provinces of Tagaytay and Batangas is the famous Taal Lake. This is the country’s third largest lake. Horseback riding and hiking are some of the acts you can do while witnessing the majestic view of the lake. If you want to take a tour in the lake, you can do so by exploring it through available boats in the gateway. After which, you can enjoy horseback riding in reaching the peak of Taal Volcano.

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  • El Nido, Palawan. Called as the Best Beach and Island Destination in the Philippines is El Nido. This is part of the most wonderful places in the Philippines. This area is known for its coral reefs, satisfying island views, white sand beaches, and limestone cliffs. El Nido has truly preserved its ecosystem which made the place a dynamic getaway to all. The flora and fauna of El Nido exaggerated the tourism of the said place. The rainforests, mangroves, and marine life of El Nido are well-conserved to maintain a high statistics in the country’s economy and tourism. To ensure you get the best experience while visiting this place, you can do snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and swim into those coral reefs. Lively music can also be enjoyed in the Balay Tubay, a bar along Calle Real.

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  • Mayon Volcano. From enjoying the waters to hiking land masses, Mayon Volcano should also be part of your visit in the Philippines. Tagged as the “perfect cone”, Mayon Volcano is your perfect place to shower your eyes with both beauty and elegance. Its perfect shape distinguishes this volcano to others beyond the country. The volcano is situated in Albay, under the Bicol Region. The mountain’s beautiful landscape made it more elegant and alluring to the tourists. It’s majestic view is incomparable with those of other mountains in Asia. Though it is an active volcano, the authorities made plans already for the safety of everyone. Now, it has become a national park, the “Mayon Volcano National Park”.

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  • Puerto Princesa. Lying in this area is the famous Underground River. In the year 2012, this attraction was part of the 7 Wonder of Nature. The underground river is somewhat part of a cave where small waterfalls can be seen. There is also a tour boat if you wish to go inside the cave. Bats hanging from above are clearly seen as well the stalactites. Aside from touring the famous underground river, you can also visit the mangrove forest and do treks in the jungle of the said place. A view of wildlife can be done as part of Puerto Princesa’s tourism. Aside from its spots, Puerto Princesa is also hailed as the cleanest city in the Philippines.

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  • Chocolate Hills. Aside from beautiful beaches Bohol could ever be proud of, the Chocolate Hills do not lose its track to the list of tourist attractions in the Philippines. Its unique view and color are the factors tourists eventually visit the place. For viewing, the authorities have built a fortress for foreigners or tourists to enjoy the sight. The hills are unique because of its ability to change colors which depends on the season. In dry season, the hills turn into brown. Meanwhile, the place is covered up to 1,247 hills. The Chocolate Hills is one spot you should take a visit in the Visayas Region.

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  • Coron. Located in Palawan, Coron is often the best chosen for someone’s getaway in the islands of the Philippines. Wreck diving is the best activity to be done in Coron. This is where the sunken ships of Japanese are seen. The “Gunter’s Cave” is also famous due to its beautiful illumination done by the sun at a specific time of the day. To further enjoy your visit in Coron, you can also visit such views like: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, and Twin Lagoon. In Twin Lagoon, you can do kayaking during low tide. To experience a spectacular view of Coron Island, you can climb or hike “Mount Tapyas”.

The Philippine tourism carry a big role in the improvement of the country. The tourist destinations are genuinely preserved to make it on top and fame. With all the destinations suggested, you should fall in love not just with those places but for the nation as a whole.

So what are you waiting for?

Travel the beautiful Philippines now and discover the hidden paradise of the country with its marvelous tourist attractions. Pay a visit and know the most wonderful places in the Philippines.

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