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The Culture That Shaped The Filipina Beauty

Filipina brides are best for foreign men A Filipina a colorful festival costume

With the many prestigious pageants that the Philippines has won, it’s not surprising why the Filipina beauty has come to be known across the globe. The beauty of a Filipina can definitely turn heads. However, there’s so much more to Filipinas than just their physiques. It is their character that truly shines over their many endearing qualities. All these can be attributed to their culture which has molded them to become the women known to the world today.

Filipino culture is a mixture of native and indigenous ways as well as foreign influences brought by its conquerors and foreign settlers. Their rich heritage along with their unique geographical layout made Filipino society culturally diverse. However, Philippine culture still has its commonalities that can be observed throughout the country. These cultural commonalities are what molded the Filipinas of today - admired and loved by men across different nationalities. Some of these are as follows:

  • The Faith

    Filipinos have always been known to be extremely religious. This is not only shown by the number of times they go to mass in a week but also on how they foster relationships with other people. Their religious inclination is also what makes Filipino people extremely resilient. They always believe that everything is in accordance with the will of God.

    This faith has also been a guiding virtue to the Filipino society. This is how the spiritual being of a Filipina is shaped. Their kind hearts are a product of the values taught by her family and her strong religious devotion.

  • The Festivities

    One of the many ways Filipinos show their devotion and faith is through the festivals they celebrate in honor of their patron saints. Their festivals and fiestas are normally a celebration of thanksgiving, prosperity, peace, affinity with nature and life itself. The festivals do not just reflect the devotion and faith of the Filipino people but also showcases their talents and the grandeur of the Filipino culture.

    The festivities perfectly resemble the colorful culture of the Filipinos. It encapsulates the beauty of their devotion and their culture which has molded every Filipina into the woman that the world has come to know.

  • Family Ties

    In the Philippines, the family has always been valued. Filipinas, in fact, consider their family as their source of strength. The typical Filipino family is bound by an unbreakable bond. Hardships and other predicaments may put their ties and relationship to test, but it’ll only draw them closer together rather than apart.

    Because of the close family ties that the Filipinos have, a Filipina knows the importance of a healthy relationship within the family. This has molded her into becoming a good homemaker. A Filipina’s ultimate goal is to be a loving wife to her husband and a nurturing mother to her children.

  • The Positivity

    Filipinos will always charm you with their smiles. A smile that never fades amid the storm and dark days. They do not wallow in the corner dwelling on what has been. They’d rather stand up and pick what remains and start from there to rise again.

    Their positive perspective of life is what gives Filipinos a ray of hope during hard times. This is how Filipinas learned to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

  • The Passion

    Filipinas are passionate women. When they love, they do so with every fiber of their being. Without a second thought, they will sacrifice everything for the people they hold dear. You may think that this is a bit extreme, but Filipino women were just nurtured to be this way.

    This is also the reason why these women have a very discerning taste in men. A Filipina will always look for a man who can somehow equal or even go beyond the kind of love and affection that they can give.

Filipino culture can be so many things but dull. It is the window of the Philippines’ rich and storied heritage. Much of the defining characteristics of a true Filipina sprung from their colorful culture and traditions. It is what shaped and gave Filipinas their own identity as women of substance.

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