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Cultural Influence | How Culture Affects the Philippine Dating Scene

A photo of a beautiful Filipina woman. Find out how culture and tradition play a major role in the Philippine dating scene.

The Philippines is known for many things. The picturesque beaches of the Philippine islands, the hospitality and enthusiasm of its people, the beauty of its women, and its rich culture and history. These are just some of the many things that make the country beautiful and why so many tourists are drawn to it. Their culture, in particular, is very interesting and it is widely practiced and observed throughout the country.

Filipino culture influences different aspects of the lives of the Filipino people. The women of the Philippines are taught at a young age to be prim and proper because according to the country’s culture and values, that’s how women should be. That is just an example of how culture affects a Filipino’s daily life. The Philippine dating scene is not immune to this influence either. How the people of the country see relationships is very much in accordance with the Filipino culture and values.

  • No such thing as “open relationships”

    Now, this kind of relationship may be practiced by a very minimal few due to western influence, but it is very rare. In the Philippines, the concept of “casual fling” is not as pervasive because relationships are taken seriously. Even making a relationship official in the country is somewhat traditional and cultural for some, but more on that later.

  • Family’s inclusion

    Filipino people, in general, are family-oriented. The Filipino family culture will always be around in the country so long as the Filipino people live and breathe. With that said, a Filipina woman’s parents will almost always have a say in their daughter’s romantic endeavors. In fact, a lot of relationships in the country end because of parental disapproval. Conversely, a lot of marriages also happen because of their blessing. If you are dating a Filipina woman and she introduces you to her family, be sure to show them respect. Also, and never forget this, reach out for their hand and place your forehead on the back of their hands. It is a show of respect to the elderly, according to the culture of the country.

  • Courtship

    As mentioned, the process of being in a relationship also adheres to the values and culture of the country. A lot of women still prefer to be courted before a relationship is even considered. During this phase, a man has to prove to a woman that he is a viable partner worthy of her love and companionship. This process takes longer for many, but that is how relationships are started by the majority.

  • Religion The country is also very religious. The majority of the people in the country practice the Catholic faith. Almost everybody goes to church every Sunday and this has always been a regular practice of the Filipino people. If you are dating a Filipina woman and she is a Catholic, you are bound to get invited to worship with her and her family. Although they will not always force you to go, especially if you are not a Catholic yourself, but it will not hurt you to try.

The country of the Philippines is very rich in culture. It is lovely to see how traditional some people still are despite Western practice slowly being adopted by the people of the country. Needless to say, despite how modern the Filipinos are slowly becoming, the traditional cultures and values are still embedded deep in the hearts and souls of every Filipino. And if you want to date a Filipina yourself, like the ones on this site, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the culture of the country. Not only will you educate yourself to a culture of beauty, but it will help you land a woman who is not only beautiful but faithful and decent.

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