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7 Tips To Get A Modern Filipina To Fall In Love With You

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Gentle, submissive, and demure.

Before, these were traits Filipinas are known for. But today, Filipinas have become stronger and more empowered. Gone are the days when they stayed behind the shadows of their husbands and hid from the world. Now, they know what they want, stand for what they believe in, make life-changing decisions, and take the lead in relationships.

Dating them isn’t for the faint of heart. They’re not restricted by the constructs of society, so you can’t just tell them what to do. The good thing, however, is not only will your relationship be exciting and eventful, but it will also be happy and healthy since they still follow the Filipino core values.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, here’s how to get a modern Filipina to fall in love with you.

Don’t Be Boring

These women have strong personalities, they’re not the type to listen to bland, monotonous, and boring men. However, that doesn’t mean you have to start with intense conversations to get their attention. Instead, you can open a light-hearted and fun topic such as their passion or what they’re working on right now. This way, they’ll get eager to talk about themselves and their craft, which most modern Filipinas highly focus on.

Be Confident

Confidence makes you more attractive. Filipinas like men who are confident with themselves because it reflects their self-value. If you’re confident, they’ll assume that you know what you want in life and will be around people with similar values, such as women like them.

Give Them Space

Modern Filipinas are strong and independent. They are fine with you not being around them all the time. So, a piece of advice to succeed in dating them, give them space and allow them to maintain their sense of identity.

Exercise Equality

Traditional Filipinas are known to please and submit to their husbands, especially when arguing. They are also willing to let the men lead the household, suppressing their desires and opinions.

Times have changed. Now, society allows women to enjoy equal opportunities and enjoyment with men. So if you’re dating a Filipina, you should respect their interests and demands as long as it doesn’t oppress your role in the relationship.

Don’t Dismiss Her Feelings

Modern Filipinas prefer guys who listen and acknowledge their feelings. They are very opinionated, especially when dating, so make sure to listen attentively when they talk. Otherwise, they’ll stop giving you their time and attention.

Respect Her Family

Although we’re already in the modern era, dating has not entirely changed. A modern Filipina still values her family the same as before.

To gain her love and trust, get to know her family, and foster a genuine bond with them. Show them that you have good intentions for their daughter, assuring them that you will take care of her.

Don’t Rush Things

The common mistake that guys make when dating modern women is that they rush things, such as spending time together right away, saying “i love you,” during the first meeting, and moving in too quickly without having everything sorted out. If you do this, it shows an impression that you’re desperate and you don’t really love them. As a result, you might miss your chance with them.

Dating a Modern Filipina Is Worth It

I know this is a lot to take in but think of it. These women only want equality and respect, which, by the way, are bare minimums in a relationship. You don’t need to be perfect, you just have to recognize that they’re empowered and won’t settle for less.

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