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Facts You MUST Know Before Dating Filipino Women

A trio of beautiful Filipino women posing for the camera
Get to know Filipino women better before you start dating them.

Before getting on a plane to visit the Philippines, it might be a good idea to learn more about Filipino women, especially if you plan on dating one.

There may be some commonalities in the Filipino dating culture to that of the west, but there are also certain subtleties you ought to know about before making up your mind.

It is no longer uncommon to see Filipino women dating foreign men, and many of the successful relationships that resulted from this have also ended in happy and fulfilling marriages. If you want to be next in line, you will need to understand these ladies a little better. Be familiar with their qualities and traits, and be sure to adjust accordingly.

The fact that there are things you need to acquaint yourself with makes it all the more important to be well-prepared before you take on the task of courting a Filipino woman. It may take a good amount of time and effort to do so, but the rewards in the end far outweigh the challenges that come with it.

Without further ado, here are some major facts that you should know about before dating Filipino women:

  1. They like to play hard to get.

    Playing hard to get just adds to the challenge. If you think about it, it’s a way for them to see how far you’re willing to go to make yourself worthy of being a romantic partner.

    When you begin dating a Filipina, you might find that she will tend to be reclusive or hesitant. She might even try to push you away. This kind of behavior is pretty normal for women in the Philippines as they try to determine how much you desire them.

    They don’t want to be seen as easy targets. If you sincerely want to be in a relationship with a Filipina, you might as well get used to their hard-to-get tendencies. That’s just how most of them show affection. All you have to do is be able to get through this stage and they will, of course, eventually give in.

  2. Family members can chime in on their personal decisions.

    In most western countries, by the time a teenager reaches the age of 18, they are expected to become independent. So much so that their parents will even throw them out of the house so they can start living on their own. This method of parenting allows children to experience reality as early as 18 years old.

    In the Philippines, however, children can stay with their parents for as long as they like. In fact, some parents encourage their children to stay with them even after having a family of their own. While it might sound impractical, it is quite common in most Filipino families.

    Also, in Filipino culture, it is important for a man to visit the woman he is courting and meet the family. This is certainly not a disadvantage as it is one of the best ways to know that the lady you’re courting has serious intentions. Filipino women don’t just bring any man to their homes.

    The only downside to this, however, is that a Filipina’s family will not hesitate to jump in on her decision-making, even if it’s something personal such as choosing the man she dates or possibly marries. So be sure to win over her family if you eventually want to win her over, too.

  3. Age doesn’t matter.

    In the Philippines, as long as you are no longer a minor, you can be part of any romantic relationship and people will not judge you for it. In fact, many Filipinas prefer dating and eventually marrying older men — as in twice their age, or even more.

    The reason for this is they have become a lot more practical. With older men, they can be sure that they are more mature and willing to be committed. Older men also tend to be more stable both financially and emotionally.

  4. You could be dating a single mother.

    With the country slowly becoming westernized, many women have learned to be more liberated with regards to the relationships they have with men. As such, some have learned to practice pre-marital sex – something that was basically non-existent decades before the west influenced Asia.

    This is not entirely a bad thing, though, as most single mothers learn to be more responsible and caring than those who aren’t. Life has taught them the hardships of being a solo parent, and in turn, they have learned to adapt and cope with life as they know it.

    If you find yourself courting a Filipina who is a single mother, don’t shy away from her. She might just be the perfect wife you’ve been searching for all these years.

  5. They like surprises.

    There’s never a dull moment when you’re with Filipino girls. They might seem immature at first, but once you get to know them better, you will realize that it is just how they show their affection. They may act childish often, but it just adds to their adorable charm.

    Though old-fashioned, they always like to be surprised by their partners. Whether it’s their birthday, your anniversary, or a romantic date, a tiny surprise will definitely paint a big smile on their faces.

  6. They love to drink.

    As innocent as they look and behave, these ladies sure love to drink. Drinking alcohol helps them shed their shyness away, and you’ll be surprised to know how talkative and feisty they can be once it gets into their system.

    Once they drink enough alcohol, they might even start to tell you things they’d never say when sober. Western culture has certainly influenced the way many Filipinas think about drinking.

  7. When they love, it is skin deep.

    Courting a Filipino woman may not be that easy, what with the cultural differences and all, but once you’re able to earn her love, you will be the luckiest man on earth. These women love more than skin deep. They don’t merely look at your physical appearance, rather, they look at what’s inside. Treat a Filipina right, and she will love you unconditionally.

Courting Filipino Women the Right Way

Not only will learning about these facts make it easier for you to court a Filipino lady, but it will also help you know what to expect once you begin dating her.

If a long term relationship is what you’re aiming for, you need to be sure that you’re ready to be responsible and committed. Getting past the courting stage doesn't mean your efforts in understanding these women should stop. Make it a habit to always be open about getting to know them better.

The more you know about beautiful Filipino women, the more prepared you’ll be when you begin your romantic pursuits with them.

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