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Dating Filipino Women - The BEST Date Night Movie

Empty movie theater Theaters are a great place for couples to find love.

When it comes to dating, there’s more than a few guys that want to go out with Filipino women. And there are a few men who are fortunate enough that they actually get to date such women( a few of whom end up living with a Filipina woman).

Now, there are certain things expected when dating. One of those things in the continued bonding between a couple. Basically, even after you guys become committed with one another, even after it’s been ratified via matrimony, you still have to keep dating. Then again, if you really like the person that you’re with, the continuance of dating even after matrimony might be something that comes naturally to you.

But if you’re still at the getting-to-know-each-other stage, you may want to take a few dating tips in order to get a girlfriend. Planning to do activities you both like is one way of solidifying your budding romance.

Before you get to the tips about dating, it’s important to understand how to get a relationship in the first place. You could try your hand at online dating. Lots of people get together through dating apps and sites nowadays. So, if you want to find a relationship, going online isn’t a bad idea. Dating online is becoming a common platform in the Philippine dating scene.

Now, one of the most popular ways to go about on a date is by watching a movie. This can be done in a theater with all the accoutrements that follow, like popcorn and large cups of soda. Or it can be done at home on a couch where there’s no armrest serving as a literal barrier between two people.

The most important variable in this particular equation, aside from the couple themselves, will be the movie itself. There are so many genres to choose from and the chosen film may affect the mood for the rest of the date.

In fact, going to the movies is exactly one of the pastimes of Filipino women dating, as Filipino people love malls, and movie theaters are a huge part of shopping malls.

  1. An Action-Adventure Film

    As far popcorn movies go, there are few bad choices when it comes to an action-adventure movie. Even if the characters are derivative and the plot is predictable, most of them generally have enough setpieces and quips that make the time spent watching them kind of worth it.

    The thing is that romantically speaking, action adventure films might not do that much for you. Sure, there might be some element of romance involved in these films, but they’re usually secondary compared to the main plot. So while an action adventure film is a great time, it might not make for the most romantic of dates.

  2. Horror Movies

    Horror movies have their advantages for couples. Sometimes, horror movies actually accomplish their goal of being scary, which makes people want to cling to other people in order to feel a sense of security. Clinging is actually one of the signs that a Filipina likes you.

    Now, for a lot of couples, this form of comfort can be very beneficial when they’re both trying to find love as there’s an element of physical intimacy involved in it. Of course, it can backfire and maybe someone doesn’t enjoy being scared, which can sour the mood of the date by a considerable amount.

  3. Period Romance

    When it comes to sweeping romantic epics, few can do it to the level of a period piece. The lush cinematography, the elegant costumes, the constant sense of yearning between the two leads who may are not allowed to so much as hold hands because of the norms of the time period that the movie is set in all come together to create something straight out of a romance novel, and many romance novels are period pieces themselves.

    There’s just something romantic about a dashing hero filled to the brim with chivalrous honor.

  4. Comedy

    Filipino women, and the Filipino people in general, like to laugh. It’s why a lot of the locally-produced movies in the Philippines have a comedic element to them (unless they’re a drama meant to to be a tearjerker).

    So a comedy is always a good idea when it comes to a movie choice.

  5. Romance

    If there’s one genre of film that can supplant a comedy as the number one choice for Filipinos, it is the romance film. It doesn’t matter if it’s set in the past or in some distant country. As long as there are two people falling in love with one another, there will be many a Filipino sitting in a seat when the theater lights dim.

    This does not end at the movie theater. A good portion of the television programs that are produced locally end up becoming romance series with some of them being remakes of popular dramas from other Asian countries.

    The Filipino audience’s appetite for romance is basically unquenchable. It doesn’t matter if there are three movies and five television shows in a row featuring the same two actors playing the same characters over and over again with different names, there will be an audience for it.

  6. Romantic Comedy

    If there’s one type of movie that can supplant the straight romance in the hearts of Filipino audiences, it’s the romantic comedy. Filipinos like romance and they like comedies, so combining the two into an hour and a half romp that’s easily consumed is going to be a surefire hit with Filipino audiences.

    Many of the locally-made films that make it into theaters are romantic comedies if they’re not just romance movies.

    Movies are a great way to enjoy a date. They’re great for their entertainment value and they’re great because they’re literally designed to invoke specific emotions in people. If you want to put your partner in a romantic mood, show them a romance.

    As far as dates go, there aren’t really too many ways to go wrong with a movie. Sure, you might end up putting in the wrong one. But if you pick the right one, Filipino women will appreciate it.

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