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Filipina Dating | A Checklist to Dating Filipino Women

A man holding a flower courting a Filipina. Learn the trick of the trade on how to win the heart of a Filipina.

Philippines — a tropical country in the Southeast Asian region characterized by its archipelagic structure. Its vast natural resources have drawn the attention of tourists from different parts of the world.

Aside from its natural wonders, the impeccable Filipina beauty is also a major tourism draw for the Philippines. With almond-shaped eyes, naturally tanned skin and black kinky hair, Filipino women possess physical attributes that most foreign men consider ideal. Matched with their loyalty, passion, resilience, and kindness, these women will certainly be able to catch any man's heart.

So if you want to embark on a journey to win a Filipina’s heart, then here is a checklist of what you need to keep in mind:

  • Be assertive yet gentle

    When dating a Filipina, you have to have confidence - make the first move! Filipino women are very conservative and demure and are used to men making the first move on them.

    However, be reminded that you should not be too aggressive on your approach. It is best to start with a courteous greeting and a casual introduction. And avoid ostentatious behaviors because these women have a knack for knowing if someone is being pretentious or genuine.

    Do not just try to win her over with your smooth talk and good looks, because quite frankly, that alone might not work. Be a man — a gentleman, to be exact. Any girl's attention will surely be caught by a man who is gentle and respectful.

  • Add a little humor to your conversation

    A good sense of humor is the quickest way to any woman's heart. Filipinas love a good laugh. They are essentially happy individuals. They love guys who can make them genuinely happy and what is a better manifestation of that than a laugh?

    Here, your weapon is your wit. Yet, be cautious as well. You should know when to joke and play around and when to be serious. It’s also important that you don’t make yourself look like a clown by just making her laugh all the time.

  • Be strong yet flexible

    It has been part of the patriarchal Filipino culture to let men be the alpha in the family. Dating Filipino women would mean you have to show her that you can take the lead in the relationship.

    Filipinas want their man to be someone who firmly stands by his principles all while being considerate with theirs. Although these ladies want their men to take the lead, they believe that they should also be able to respect her opinions and decisions. They want their men to be firm and strong yet also flexible when necessary.

Above is merely a short checklist on the things you ought to know in the Filipina dating scene. There are actually more to be included, yet these are the most basic ones that are easy to remember and are essential when dating Filipinas. Keep in mind that these ladies are conservative and very demure, hence all your effort will eventually pay off. Yes, these women are undoubtedly for keeps!

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