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The Best Tips for Dating a Filipina on Lovers Day 2022

If you’re looking for help dating a Filipina for Lover’s Day, then look no further. We have plenty of tips on dating Filipina women.

Filipinas are sweet, affectionate, and have incredible humor. Those are also traits that many Filipina women look for in their partners. In turn, it makes them strict in their selection process.

Don’t get mistaken. Filipina women love and care deeply for their romantic partners. They may play hard to get, but they are serious when it comes to relationships.

A Filipina wearing a floppy hat
Dating a Filipina is not a walk in the park, but it is a rewarding experience.

Every Filipina woman is a keeper, and you might be worried about how to keep her. Don’t worry, because we’ve got a list of the best tips for dating Filipinas.

Meeting Her for the First Time

If you recently started dating a Filipino woman, you might have a lot of questions. Is she going to like me? How do I prepare for the date? Here is what you should do:

  • Don’t Expect Anything

It’s best not to have expectations based on stereotypes. When you date a Filipina, you have to experience it for yourself. Whatever you’ve heard, it might ruin the experience for you if you keep it in mind.

Do not mention three things: her intent, English, and clothes. That is going to be a recipe for disaster. Instead, try talking about her ideals or her dreams.

  • Dress to Impress

The first thing you need to worry about is your footwear. The shoes make the man, so you should never wear flip-flops on a date. Try wearing sneakers or loafers instead.

Make sure to wear breathable clothes. Don’t wear a suit and tie unless it’s a formal event. The Philippines has a warm climate, and sweating too much on a date is a big turn-off.

  • Filipinas Like Hygiene

Proper grooming and personal hygiene are essential when dating a Filipina woman. Clinging and being in your personal space are signs a Filipina likes you. But before you reach that stage you need to pass the hygiene test, so invest in grooming essentials.

  • Become the Listener

Most Filipinas don’t mind physical appearances. They are more attracted to a man’s personality – i.e., how he treats women in general. So treat a Filipina with respect and listen when she talks, and she will fall for you.

Ask her questions to make her comfortable talking to you. Remember to not ask inappropriate questions that might push her away.

Try asking her about her favorite tourist spots or places she wants to visit. You can even try asking her about her favorite music or, if you’re up for some mischief, ask her about her favorite bread.

  • Never Say No to Food

It’s best to go on an empty stomach when dating a Filipina. When she offers you food, it is considered an effort to show her hospitality.

Filipinas are hospitable towards their partners, and they learn that through their families. She might think you’re rejecting her or being rude if you don’t accept her offer.

  • Become a tourist

A good tip when dating Filipina women is to let them take the lead in their home country. Become a tourist who always asks questions. It gives you the opportunity for conversations and to know each other more.

It also helps her build confidence in talking to you. Dating someone who isn’t from her home country can be intimidating. Being patient with her can help your relationship grow.

Impressing the Family

When you date a Filipina, it also means dating her family. That is because members of her family have a say in her life. You will have to impress them like you’re impressing her.

Be mindful of the traditions and cultures. The best way to do this is to ask her how to greet her parents. Making an effort to learn will earn you some points in her book. Bonus tip: if she’s introducing you to her family, it means she likes you.

When you’re at a certain point in the relationship, you should ask if she wants to bring her family along. You can choose to go to the mall or spend some time at the beach.

Either way, Filipina women are attracted to family-oriented men. Once her family likes you, you’re set for life.

A Filipina wearing a flower crown
One thing to know when dating a Filipina: her family comes first.

Showing Affection

If you two are well into the dating process, you should actively show her affection. Filipinas will appreciate any effort you put into building the relationship. But, there are a few things you need to remember.

  • Don’t Give Too Much

Giving too much will make you look desperate, and it’s not a good look. Not every Filipina likes to be showered with gifts she can’t reciprocate yet. Start with small gestures, and pace the relationship slower.

You can try simple gestures first, like holding hands or dropping her off at home. After that, being aware of her love language can help in the long run. She might be the type of girl who likes quality time instead.

  • Don’t Give Too Less

One thing Filipinas don’t appreciate is an inattentive partner. They will notice if you don’t prioritize them, so set aside some time to go out on dates and make her feel loved and valued.

Most Filipinas don’t ask for too much. Hence, a little effort can go a long way. Try sending small messages about your day or what you’re doing. These messages will put her mind at ease and improve your chances of keeping her.

  • Be Adaptable

When dating a Filipina, you should make an effort to know her culture. Experiencing the Philippines will be completely different from other countries. Adapting to the culture will help make things comfortable for her.

Learn about riding jeepneys and buses. It can help you think on your feet when dating Filipinas. Also, try eating in karenderias with her. Eating in familiar places can help strengthen your relationship.

Quick Recap

You’ve just gone through a list of the best tips for dating a Filipina on Lover’s Day. Remember not to mention her intent, English, and clothes. Starting your date talking about things she might be insecure about is a big no.

Do not forget that most Filipinas date to marry. They have a strict selection process, but they are loving and caring to their chosen partners.

We hope these tips will help you successfully find a date for Lover’s Day!

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