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Making The Most of Dating Filipino Women in the Philippines

A silhouette of a couple enjoying a bicycle ride with the sun setting in the background Philippine dating is more than just a romantic experience, it’s an adventure that you can take part in together with your lovely Filipina partner.

Philippine dating is more than just sharing a meal with your partner or going out to see a movie.

It’s equally important to get to know your date as a person and learn about her culture.

And what better way to experience one's culture than to travel?

Before you travel though, it is important that you are well prepared for anything that can happen during your journey.

With that said, be sure to heed the following pieces of travel advice and create a travel itinerary for the place that you will be traveling to.

But you need more than just a travel itinerary – you need a dating itinerary as well.

After all, you won’t be traveling by yourself, as you will be with your Filipina date.

The very first thing that you will need to know before traveling to the Philippines is about the places that you wish to visit.

There are hundreds of beautiful places that you and your date can go to in this incredibly beautiful tropical country.

It also comes down to preference.

Knowing what activities you would want to do in the Philippines will help you eliminate certain places that do not tickle your fancy.

Do note though that it is a necessity to consider the weather conditions during the time you’ll be traveling to the country as well.

You would not want to get caught in heavy rains without being equipped with the necessary rain gear.

Itinerary for the Outdoorsy

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of the usual romantic dinner date.

While it is a good way to connect with your Filipina date, it is not the only way for you to interact and communicate on a personal level.

Sometimes, a good old stroll along the beach is the best approach.

To start off your dating trip in the Philippines, a visit to the capital city should be on your list.

Considering that you will most likely land in the country’s capital anyway, starting your journey on the mainland would be a no-brainer.


Getting to this famous tourist attraction is as easy as getting to the next restaurant as Intramuros is accessible by any means of transportation.

It is located in the southern part of Manila, just between the MacArthur Bridge and the Manuel A. Roxas Memorial Bridge.

The walled fortress is not only a place for tourists to stroll through, it also has many restaurants and food places such as the Sky Deck View Bar that you can visit, should you ever want to stop for a bite to eat.

Since we are talking about being an outdoorsy couple, activities you can do in Intramuros include riding a bicycle – specifically a bamboo bike – through the brick roads of the fort, or having a picnic in the outlying gardens that surround it.

Now doesn’t riding a bamboo bike sound exciting?

Rizal Park

Just a bit south of Intramuros is the renowned Rizal Park.

This park is said to have been the site where Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, was executed.

As such, a shrine dedicated to the hero’s bravery and valor was erected there.

A good walk through Rizal Park should be enough to set the mood for your date.

Walking is just as romantic as sitting down for a meal.

And what’s more is that you’ll get to stay fit after having a good dose of exercise.

You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone with a dating activity such as this; learning about the history of the Philippines while enjoying a date with a beautiful Filipina woman at the same time.

ATV Adventures in Rizal

Rizal is well-known for its rough terrain and lush hillsides.

Taking advantage of this, you can take part in a guided tour along the countryside through all sorts of terrain on an ATV.

Keeping your date on her toes is a good way to make sure she is enjoying your time together. And riding through shallow streams and gravel on an ATV should do the job.

Whale watching in Oslob, Cebu

Going further south of the Philippine islands, you’ll soon come across the Queen City of the South – Cebu.

While there are tons of outdoor activities that you can do in the city, the most popular one would be whale watching.

Being part of a migrational route for whale sharks, the waters along Oslob, Cebu have attracted thousands of tourists who want to see the majestic animals up close.

Together with a guide, you will be taken right in the middle of the path of traveling whale sharks.

You will get the chance of a lifetime to dive with the sea giants and have your picture taken.

Make no mistake, Filipinas love that sort of adventure.


This is possibly the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines.

Boracay features fine, white sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

With the recent rehabilitation of the island, it has become even more attractive.

Taking your date on a stroll here or just hanging out under the magnificent blue sky is more romantic than you’d care to think it is.

Dip in the water, build sand castles, or talk about the future while soaking in the picturesque view of the beach.

What more can you ask for?

Itinerary for the Hopeless Romantic

There is no shortage of activities that you and your date can do in the Philippines.

Depending on your preference, you can opt to take the more romantic side of dating.

Most dating tips for men include sticking to the usual dinner date at a restaurant so that you and your date can get to know each other better, which will then save you a ton of time to think as you try and figure out where to take her on your next date.

Dinner Date

Level up your dating game and do not just settle for a romantic dinner.

There are a lot of out-of-the-box ideas that you can do to have an exciting, romantic night out with your date.

With that said, taking your date to a restaurant such as Gerry’s Jeepney should be both romantic and fun.

It’s fun because the restaurant actually features the famous Philippine Jeepney.

The restaurant is located east of the Quezon Memorial Circle in Manila, which is easy enough to get to.

Though limited to tables and seats, if you are lucky enough, you just might get the chance to dine inside an actual jeepney.

You will also get to experience the best of Filipino cuisine with their menu choices that include sisig, binagoongan, and lechon kawali, to name a few.

Experiencing Philippine culture is an important part of dating a Filipina, and Gerry’s Jeepney serves just that on a platter.

A Movie Date

Old school as it is, going out for a movie is more than just romantic.

It allows you to discover things that you and your date have in common, like movie preferences.

A movie you’ve seen or are about to watch can also be a good conversation topic.

If you are anywhere near Manila, S Maison’s Director’s Club is one of the best theaters to enjoy a movie.

The theater is located beside the SM Mall of Asia.

Though the area may get crowded at times, the theater is a refuge from all the hustle and bustle of the huge crowd of people in the city.

The theater features comfortable chairs that can be adjusted with a remote control.

The cushions are so soft that you’d forget you’re not at home.

Take a Dip

From Manila, travel south to Cebu for a well-deserved dip in the country’s well-known swimming destinations.

Kawasan Falls boasts cerulean waters that fall 100 feet from the mountaintops.

The water is clear and cool, just right for a romantic dip with your Filipina date.

Once done, a short trip to Malabuyoc’s Mainit Hot Springs should be on the list as well.

Not only is the spring soothing, but it is also said to help rejuvenate your body and soul.

As you can see, with a well planned itinerary, you’ll never have to worry about what to do on your dates with a Filipino woman.

Aside from getting to know what it’s like dating a Filipina, you’ll also get to witness the many amazing cultures and tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Be sure to heed our dating tips and pieces of advice when it comes to making an itinerary as you begin your exciting trip to the Philippines and enjoy the sights and sounds that this amazing country has to offer.

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