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7 Signs That Will Tell You if a Filipina is Right for You

Throughout our lives, no matter how cliché it sounds, people come and go; such is the nature of life. However, it takes a real special woman to come along, stop you in your tracks, and make you wonder -- is she the one?

When that moment comes, just slow down and ponder the reality and consequences of the decision you’re about to make. Marriage is a lifetime commitment -- it’s not a choice that should be made on impulse or intuition alone.

To help you decide on whether she really is the one for you, here are 8 signs that you should consider before bringing a Filipina to the altar:

Find out how you can tell if a Filipina is the one for you through these 7 signs. A man kneeling in front of a Filipina.
  1. She accepts you for who you are.

    When your Filipina girlfriend accepts you for who you are -- despite your flaws, it says a lot about how genuine her love for you is. A partner who is capable of looking past your imperfections and understands your shortcomings is definitely for keeps.

  2. She won’t give up on your relationship easily.

    Jumping ship when the going gets tough isn’t in the vocabulary of Philippine women. When a Pinay loves, she does so unconditionally.

    When she’s more than willing to stick with you through rough seas and puts in the work to navigate through the darkest of storms, it shows what a great companion she can be for the rest of your life. In the face of adversity, she would rather strive to make it work, than remain comfortable with someone else.

  3. She doesn’t keep secrets.

    When a Filipina is in love, you can always expect her to be transparent with you. She will always tell you the truth and will never keep secrets from you. Honesty is a highly regarded virtue in the Filipino culture. Given their traditional inclination, Pinays always strive to be honest especially with their partners. Her level of honesty is just one of the ways to tell if she’s truly right for you.

  4. She is your safe haven.

    Another way to tell if your Filipino girlfriend is for keeps is if you can be your most authentic self when you’re around her. The most ideal partner for you is someone who makes you feel comfortable to show your true colors to. Someone who accepts you and makes you feel safe in her presence.

  5. She is your best friend and confidante.

    It’s great to have someone whom you can confide in without fear of being judged. If you’re looking to settle down with a Philippine woman, this is one of the qualities that you should look out for.

    When pondering the decision to settle down with her, ask yourself: Do you consider your Pinay girlfriend your best friend and confidante? If the answer is yes, marrying her is the best decision you can make.

  6. She has goals with you.

    There’s nothing better than being in a relationship where you can both see a future with each other. It is the most authentic display of genuine love when she includes you in her plans and goals for the future.

  7. She inspires you to become a better person.

    It’s not everyday that you get to meet a Filipino woman who inspires you to become a better version of yourself. A Pinay girlfriend usually pushes you to greater heights. Even if she pushes you beyond your comfort zone, you can always count on her encouragement and support because all she wants is to see you grow and become a better person in every aspect of your life.

    Filipino women, to a certain degree, are very supportive partners. You can always count on them to rally behind you if you're in the right, but they won't let you off the hook if you do something wrong either. It’s in their nature to always stand by what's morally and ethically right.

    A Philippine woman who consistently exhibits these traits is indicative of a great lifetime mate. So, if you can see these characteristics in your girlfriend, take that first step towards marital bliss by proposing to her.

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