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Dating Filipina Women | Advantages of Starting Out as Friends

A photo of a happy couple wherein the woman is piggybacking on the man When dating Filipina women, discover how you can create a relationship that can blossom into something more meaningful.

So you’re in a relationship with a beautiful Filipina woman.

Up until now, everything is okay between the both of you.

But have you ever stopped to think if there are things about her that you still do not know about to this day?

Like, is she keeping you in the dark when it comes to certain issues?

No matter how long you’ve known the girl you are in a relationship with, there are always things that she will keep from you.

Regardless, it shouldn’t be an issue unless it directly affects you.

Secrets are common in relationships, and most of the time, secrets are the reason why most relationships don’t last.

So how do you get around this?

Well, for the most part, secrets are difficult to avoid.

Anyone and everyone will have skeletons in their closet, and as far as society is concerned, it is a normal occurrence.

Filipina women, as part of Asia, are influenced by Asian culture.

This culture has molded Asian women to be meek and shy, especially towards men, paving the way for even more secrets.

As such, if you are still in the “getting to know each other” stage of a relationship, it is important that you do not try to hasten things.

Don’t worry, if you like her and she likes you, the pieces should fall into place in due time.

What matters most is that you treat her as your friend.

While some people might think that dating your friend is a no-no as it will only ruin your friendship when things don’t go as expected, they should at least look at the advantages of dating a friend.

For one, the awkward stage of having to introduce yourself is eliminated altogether.

The fact that you already know each other from your time as friends makes it even more convenient.

It is safe to say that by the time you decide to date your friend, you’ll have already known her likes, dislikes, preferences, and interests.

Advantages of Dating Your Friend

Forget about what other people’s love advice says about dating your friend.

While they may have valid points, such as officially ruining your friendship when the courtship stage does not work out, there are, of course, more reasons to date your friend than there are reasons not to.

No, this doesn’t mean that you can only date a Filipina you're already friends with.

If you plan on dating, let’s say, a Filipina woman, all you have to do is get to know her better, and eventually earn her friendship.

It’s not that hard to earn a Filipino woman’s friendship, after all.

You just have to be yourself, and be as genuine as possible.

Filipino women appreciate it when you are truthful, and as such, they will grow to be more comfortable with you.

You already know each other.

No two people know about each other unless they’re friends – this means knowing about each other’s good and bad sides.

What’s better than dating someone you already know inside and out?

There would be no secrets between you because you’ve already shared them with each other.

You will no longer need awkward introductions, and the stage of arduously getting to know each other will no longer be a problem.

In the long run, you also won’t have to wonder what to expect when marrying a Filipina, as you already know who she is on a personal level.

You trust each other.

Friends tell each other secrets that no one else knows.

The trust that friends share is developed through the years that they have been together.

There is just a sense of involuntary trust that exists between friends.

When we say involuntary, it means that even if you do not ask your friend to trust you, you already know that they will.

In a relationship, trust is very important.

But when you date your friend, you’ll have already earned her trust, and she, yours.

You can just be yourself.

Friends accept you for who you are.

And what makes it more comfortable when you are with friends is the fact that you do not need to impress them for them to stay.

Usually, when you are trying to court a woman, you need to be in your best behavior, always trying to look neat and presentable.

Friends, on the other hand, do not care if you look like a wet dog.

They’d still want you around.

And if you are dating your friend, you do not need to pretend to be someone you are not just so they will accept you.

You accept each other’s differences.

With the time together as friends, you will have accepted each other’s differences.

Friends learn to appreciate each other and overlook disagreements.

This makes it easier on your part if you decide to date your friend because despite her knowing your not-so-perfect side, you know that she will still choose to stay.

You enjoy each other’s company.

Being with friends is always a riot.

Even with differing interests, you always find ways to enjoy each other’s company.

The laughs you share are genuine, and there’s never a shortage of fun when you are together.

You wouldn’t have to think about what she wants to do because you already know that no matter what you are doing, she’ll always enjoy your company.

Your love for each other is skin deep.

The love that friends share is more than skin deep.

It doesn’t even matter what you look like for as long as you click with each other.

While love between friends is nothing like love between lovers, many would consider it to be better because you do not base your attraction on physical appearance, but rather, you love her and she loves you because you love each other on a more personal and intimate level.

Even with the dawn of online dating, finding the right woman you’d want to be with still takes time and patience.

You cannot just randomly ask beautiful Filipino women to be in a relationship with you.

What you need to do is take your time to meet one and make her your friend.

Once you earn her trust, you’ll soon realize that it is easier to find love when she is your friend.

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