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Experience the Philippines Through Dating Filipino Women

Man giving woman a piggyback ride If you want to date Filipino women, make it a point to smile every now and then.

Filipino women tend to be found largely in the Philippines. There are a lot of men outside of the Philippines that are interested in dating them. However, dating a woman in a different country than the one that you live in is not exactly the simplest thing in the world to accomplish. A lot of basic dating tips don’t always take into account the distance between two people.

So a lot of guys turn to online dating so that they can find the women they want to be with. A lot of guys actually get dates this way, enough that they fly to the Philippines to meet the women that they’re trying to get with.

But the thing about the Philippines is that for a lot of western men, it’s an entirely new country. Sure, the country’s colonial history may mean that English is widely spoken and that many people are more than welcoming of foreigners, but there are still a lot of things that are completely alien to a lot of visitors.

Of course, there’s no reason that those things that are alien can’t be fun things to experience when in the country. There’s a lot of travel advice for staying safe, but having fun is also extremely important.

Fun is going to be a very important factor when it comes to trying to find love. Being in an easy, relaxed mood is going to invite others to be relaxed around you. Being relaxed and feeling safe around someone is an important ingredient in becoming fond of them.

Once a person is fond of you, affection of other sorts grows from there. And yes, that affection can also include the romantic kind.

  1. Try Some Street Food
    The Philippines has some great restaurants, plenty of familiar fast food options, and some of their own homegrown fast food chains that offer a lot of the same things that are more than likely going to be familiar to western tastes.
    If there is one thing that should not be neglected when in the Philippines, it’s the street food. There are plenty of roadside stalls that offer a variety of dishes that are prepared in a hygienic manner, and these dishes are generally pretty delicious.
    So don’t forget to indulge in some street food when you’re in the Philippines.
  2. Malls and Such
    The thing about the Philippines is that it’s a tropical country. Because of that, it can be really hot. So a lot of Filipinos tend to hang out in malls because of the air-conditioning and the security. The popularity and ubiquity of shopping malls in the country has led to a culture that centers around shopping malls..
    Filipinos use malls as social spaces, if not necessarily commercial ones. Lots of people go to malls not to shop or dine but simply because they are safe spaces to hang out that are also climate controlled.
    It’s also a public space, which does not really encourage overt displays of affections. Filipinas, and Asian women in general, tend to be socially conservative to some extent.
    So as far as basic dating tips for new relationships with Filipino women go, heading to a mall is pretty advisable.
  3. Beach Bum
    A lot of early dating tips might not advise the beach. Beaches are an all-day commitment, after all, and they require quite a bit of travelling to get to if you’re starting from the city.
    But the Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by sea and ocean, which means that beaches abound pretty much everywhere in the country. As such, there are some dating tips that can be ignored.
    Plus, Filipinos tend to like going to the beach. And because there are so many beaches, it’s not going to take all day to travel to one.
  4. Festival Season
    Another thing that Filipinos are known for are their street festivals. These can range in magnitude from simple neighborhood potlucks to gigantic citywide festivals that draw crowds in hundreds of thousands or even in the millions.
    These festivals don’t just attract locals. While the smaller ones are generally restricted to their respective neighborhoods, the larger ones regularly draw significant tourist interest.
    These festivals can be great opportunities to go out and date. Even if romance does not bloom in the way you want it to, they can still be pretty fun events to enjoy. Plus, these festivals are a pillar of Filipino culture, so such festivals are part of the local tapestry.
  5. Into the Night
    The Philippines has a considerable amount of establishments that do their best business at night. Nightclubs, bars, casinos. Basically, any kind of activity that is best done without the glare of the light of day can be found in the Philippines.
    These activities can be great for those who need to unwind, to have a drink or maybe just relax in general.
    Plus, there are plenty of bars that cater to tourists and expats, being open during the day so as to broadcast association football games in real-time.
  6. Positivity Perseveres
    The most important ingredient to having fun is to be ready to have fun. You have to have the right attitude in that you have to be open to the idea of having fun. Being open to new experiences may not be necessary in order to do so, but the openness certainly does help.

Life can be full of twists and turns. It can be full of hardship. It can be transformative, or it can be the thing that beats you down and you don’t get back up from it.

Life can also be full of the other kind of twist and the other kind of turn. Sometimes, you can go somewhere and get smacked in the face by something so great that you’re smiling before you know it.

Falling in love can be a lot like that. You may not always expect it, but then it happens. When it does, it's magical for the couple. You can find that magic with Filipino women, but you should be ready to see it.

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