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How to Effectively Date Filipino Women

A photo of a Filipina
Learn more about how to be impressive when dating a Filipina.

Love knows no bounds, as seen by the steady increase of international relationships. In fact, according to this study, 15,047 Filipinos married foreigners out of the 416,542 marriages in the Philippines.

Filipinos have been a favored choice among foreign nationals.

That’s why, if you’re thinking of wooing that Filipina you met through a mutual friend or online, you’re not alone. There are dozens of other men, both local and foreign, making moves and competing for her attention, and there’s no way of knowing who she’ll select or on what criteria she’ll base her decision on.

Fortunately, impressing a Filipina is similar to impressing other women. There is no way to accomplish it in a way that is unique to them. All you have to do is treat her like any other woman. If you’re still undecided, here are some pointers:

Be good at communicating.

Learn how to converse effectively.

When meeting new individuals, especially those from another country, these beautiful Filipino women are often timid. Expect her to be hesitant to initiate conversations during the first few dates, and if you let the awkwardness settle, the date will be filled with uncomfortable giggles and darting glances, mentally pleading to save you or her from the situation.

Take the initiative and step forward.

Make the two of you feel more at ease in each other’s company. Make an effort to break the ice. You may accomplish this by thinking of a few amusing questions you’d like to ask her ahead of time, or just planning where you want the conversation to go.

Act like a gentleman.

It’s not just Filipino women. Women in general appreciate this trait in a man. Showing a Filipina how well you treat others will create a good impression. So it’s important to demonstrate respect and hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Most men forget that being a gentleman is all about being honorable and considerate towards others. Make sure to act in a genuine manner because Filipino women are keen at sniffing out superficial people.

Keep your language clean and be mindful of the words that come out of your mouth. Some Filipino women are easily offended if you say the wrong thing.

Look your best.

Taking care of your oral and physical hygiene can make a big difference. But it doesn’t mean you need to wear top branded clothes, watches, or expensive cologne all the time. A simple clean outfit is enough to give her a good first impression of you.

Keep in mind that the Philippines is a tropical country, and for locals, it’s completely normal to take a bath every day. The majority of Filipino women enjoy having a well-groomed man walking beside them. Not to mention someone who smells good.

Bond over food.

If there’s one thing Filipinos love, it’s trying out a new cuisine with someone. Nothing forges a relationship stronger than eating together. You can’t go wrong with trying out new restaurants when you’re on a date with a Filipina.

Be interested in her.

As soon as she gets past her shyness, prepare your ears for what’s to come. If getting more than a few words from her was challenging at first, after she feels at ease in your presence, it may be impossible to stop her from chatting.

She’ll tell you private or humiliating stories, and all you have to do is show real interest in them. Make sure you’re not judging her from her experiences, even though some of them may seem questionable to you. Her talkativeness indicates that she is at ease with you and that she trusts you enough to share her stories.

Don’t break her confidence. Allow her to say anything she wants without passing judgment.

Keep in mind that she's very family-oriented.

Because the majority of Filipinos believe that blood is thicker than water, you must respect and show concern for her family members as well.

If you meet her family while dating her, behave as if you’re dating them as well. Treat her family like you would your own – assuming you have a nice connection with yours. When you’re with her family, be on your best behavior because it’s tough to change their minds about you.

Make a strong impression on them. Bring them presents, make an effort to relate to them and their hobbies, and most importantly, demonstrate that you care about their daughter.

A photo of a crowded market in the Philippines
Living in the Philippines will be different but just be open minded because it’s all worth it in the end.

Be flexible and adaptable.

The standard of living in the Philippines differs from America in that it is still a developing country. You can’t expect to be in a particularly comfortable position when visiting or living in the Philippines with her family.

If you’re not comfortable in your new surroundings, don’t show it to her.

Don’t make her believe you’re pitying her. Make sure she doesn’t get the impression that you’re disgusted. Learn how to be open minded and adapt to the resources available.

In the Philippines, taxis and subways are replaced by motorcycles, tricycles, and buses. Fast food establishments and restaurants are transformed into karenderias, or home-cooked dinners. Demonstrate to her that you can adjust to and embrace this way of life, since if she chooses you, this will be your life as well.

Be loyal.

Because they’re still wooing or dating Filipino women and things aren’t formal yet, most men believe it’s ok to entertain other women. They see it as a backup plan in case the existing one doesn’t work out.

If you’re okay with it, you are doing it wrong.

Filipino women are looking for males who will be faithful to them. If they’re dating you, they want to feel secure. If you can’t focus on her and only her throughout the courtship stage, there’s no knowing how faithful you’ll be after you’re exclusive and official. You must concentrate only on her once she has given you the opportunity to court her.

Bonus Tip: Learn about her culture.

Filipino culture is definitely at the top of the list about what to know when dating a Filipino.

When you first arrive in the Philippines, you may discover that po or opo is frequently used. These are firmly embedded phrases in Filipino culture. They use these in practically every phrase (and questions) to show respect for people who aren’t close to them, and particularly the elderly.

When you address someone older, you use po, and when you affirm to an elderly person, you use opo, which is the Filipino language for “Yes sir/ma’am.”

Filipinos are very sensitive when it comes to showing respect. So, by putting in your best effort to do this, you will not only be regarded as a respectable foreigner, but you will also win her love.

Aside from the po and opo, Filipinos use a lot of other gestures to indicate respect. The mano is a common one that involves taking an elderly person’s right hand and raising it to your forehead with the back part coming in contact with it.

This demonstrates that you are aware of and respect the Filipino tradition of respecting the elderly, especially if they are related, and she will appreciate it.

A photo of a man looking out a window
People who stay genuine in relationships are happier compared to those that don’t.

Finally, be yourself

This is universal advice, regardless of the situation, whether it’s for love, work, or for personal development, and it’s because it’s crucial that you do so.

Make an effort to open up to her, and make sure you do so truthfully. Filipinas will be able to tell if you are telling the truth or not. These women have a keen sense of intuition. They’ll also be able to tell if your objectives are sincere and whether you’re deserving based on your efforts throughout the procedure.

As a result, if you aren’t sincere about pursuing her, nothing will come out of it. However, if you’ve done everything to your best capacity, you’re in luck, since dating a Filipina will surely transform your life.

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