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Philippine Dating | How to Impress a Filipina’s Parents

 A photo of a beautiful woman smiling with flowers on her head Part of the Philippine dating scene is being able to get a Filipina’s parents to like you.

As you experience the Philippine dating scene, you’ll find that Filipina women are mostly shy, or act shy at first. For a man to be in a relationship with one, he will have to work hard to prove his love and worth. Once a Filipina acknowledges his sincerity, a stage of courtship will begin. It is during this time that she will assess if the man’s efforts, sincerity, and goodwill are consistent. If everything goes well, she will agree to the relationship, thus making it official.

That’s just one of the traditional stages of courtship in the Philippines that makes earning a Filipina’s love extra special. There is beauty in old-fashioned approaches when it comes to pursuing someone you want to be with. Another significant tradition in the Philippine dating scene is the approval of a Filipina’s parents. If one’s parents don’t believe that their child’s partner is not right for them, then that relationship will have less tendency to last. If you wish to date Filipina women, here are some efficient ways on how you can get one’s parents to like you so you won’t have to face the ending of your relationship:

  • Be respectful of their culture and traditions. It’s not uncommon to see an American marrying a Filipina. But many of these interrelationships end because of differences in culture, or at least there are misunderstandings about them. If you want your relationship to work out and get her parents to like you, do your best to be familiar with their culture and traditions and learn to respect them.

  • “Mano po”. This is a Filipino tradition where you take an elder’s hand and press your forehead against it. It’s a way of showing respect to the elders. So if you’re about to meet your partner’s parents, prepare to make this gesture and they will surely find it endearing that you know about their traditional ways.

  • Use “Po” and “Opo”. According to Philippine culture, “Po” and “Opo” are other ways of showing respect to elders. Affix “po” at the end of sentences or phrases when speaking to her parents and say “opo” instead of saying yes. For example, instead of saying “Hello” as a greeting, say, “Hello po.”

  • If they serve you food, eat it and be appreciative. Filipino people are known for their incredible hospitality. One of their ways of showing this is by preparing a whole ton of dishes for when you’re visiting. Declining food that is given to you may be seen as a sign of disrespect. But if you do eat a lot, they will be incredibly grateful and they will like you even more. Be sure to say thank you afterward.

One of the signs a Filipina likes you is when she introduces you to her parents. Once that happens, you already know how genuine she is with you. Just make sure you’re at your very best behavior when it does. However, if you’re reading this for future reference and are yet to experience the Philippine dating scene, sign up on our site and start meeting genuine Filipina women who are interested to be in a long term relationship. Who knows, you may find your one true love among them!

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