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Romancing Your Way to a Filipina's Heart This New Year

Believe it or not, New Year’s Day is the most important annual event in the Philippines. It’s even bigger than Christmas — and this is coming from a predominantly Catholic country!

This is mainly because, unlike Christmas, New Year is a more friendly celebration for the other religions such as Protestantism and Islam. The rest of the non-Catholic Filipinos wouldn’t have to worry about celebrating a holiday that goes against their beliefs.

But that’s not the only reason why New Year’s preparations in the Philippines are astronomically grand. New Year’s Eve, or Bisperas ng Bagong Taon, is riddled with a number of superstitions — and a good chunk of the Filipino population is dedicated to fulfilling the conditions of these superstitions.

These Filipino superstitions are harmless, and for the most part, they provide Filipinos with hope for a better year. This engraves a positive mindset that gives them a better outlook on life. With that, they would be able to keep going and achieve what they want to achieve for 2022.

Hence, it is essential that you too maintain the same positive mindset when it comes to dating. New beginnings are a hallmark of the new year. To make a significant change in your life, you’ll have to manifest it into existence.

Are you ready to celebrate your New Year with a beautiful Filipina? Well, take your marks and get ready to dive into the world of Filipino culture.

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines and their culture would often vary, if not closely similar, to one another.

Getting Ready for the Following Year

If you are only a few months into your relationship with a Filipina, it’s unlikely that you’ll get invited to their Media Noche.

What is Media Noche in the Philippines? This is their version of New Year’s Eve Dinner. This occasion is strictly a family event. That is unless you are married or engaged to a Filipina.

What you can do is take her out on the first day of the year. There is a Filipino superstition wherein whatever you do on the first day of the year will persist until the next year. This gives her hope that you’ll still be together by the end of the year.

There are so many things you could do for the New Year, such as assimilating yourself into her culture and getting to know the ways of Filipino living.

How about taking your girlfriend out to travel the Philippines for the rest of the year? They say that traveling can make or break bonds between couples. If you still manage to brave through the trials that come your way, then you sure have yourself a keeper.

Couple on an event
Filipinas love being taken out on extravagant dates, but they wouldn’t mind going lowkey either.

A Bucket List of Things to Do for The New Year

For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the Philippines is an absolute paradise. With its many national parks, there are plenty of spots to explore.

A change of pace from the ordinary may be what you need to experience the Filipino way of life. Here are some lively activities that are sure to complete your Filipino New Year.

  1. Try Out the Underground River Tour in Palawan

The unique and impressive sights of Palawan have earned it a spot in one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Among the many tourist spots in Palawan, it’s the Underground River that has piqued the curiosity of many. It’s the only one of its kind — you won’t be able to look up any other underground rivers without Palawan popping up on the searches.

On top of being one of the seven wonders of the world, it has also been granted the UNESCO World Heritage award. This gives you all the more reason to witness the beauty of Palawan with your girlfriend.

As you cruise along, you can see the stars in the night sky and breathe in the fresh air. Not only that, but the fireflies all around the cave set a romantic mood that you and your partner can enjoy.

Nothing could ever compare to the romantic ambiance that this province gives, and you can’t miss out on the chance of visiting this illustrious river.

  1. Go Island Hopping in Cebu

Mactan is the first place you’ll land once you make a touchdown in Cebu.

This place is convenient for travelers who are too tired to deal with hotels that are too far off from the airport. In fact, there is a hotel conveniently located right across from the airport.

Mactan is also an ideal place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. It’s urbanized enough for you to enjoy the small luxuries of modern life, and you wouldn’t have to worry about heavy traffic or long lines at all.

The best part about this island? The aquatic escapades.

Island Hopping is indubitably the most popular among these activities — and for a good reason. There are thousands of islands in the Philippines, and Cebu is home to many of them.

This province is fortunate enough to be filled with various marine life,

  1. Attend a Festival

There’s always something going on in the Philippines. Not a month goes by without a fiesta in a barangay somewhere.

But among the many festivities that Filipinos celebrate, it’s the festival that they look forward to the most. You have the likes of the Sinulog festival in Cebu and Ati-Atihan in Kalibo that rack up millions of tourists eager to partake in this colorful event.

It’s filled with dances, street parties, good food, and all-around good fun. It’s a no-brainer why Filipinos enjoy these festivals so much.

Likewise, tourists also earn their fair share of fun with the help of the Filipino people. Filipinos are notoriously hospitable to their guests, and you’re sure to be treated like family when you’re in their capable hands.

There are a lot of festivals for you to go around in the Philippines. You and your girlfriend wouldn’t be the only ones traveling to celebrate a festival either. It’s also a common practice among Filipinos to visit a province to join in on the fun.

A Romantic Getaway in the Philippines

There’s no better way to romance a Filipina than by taking her out on a romantic trip. To them, it’s like being whisked away by Prince charming on a white horse.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bag yourself the love of a lifetime — because dating a Filipina is one of the greatest blessings that you’ll ever receive in your life.

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