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What’s National Couple Appreciation Month?

Not to be confused with National Couples Day, National Couple Appreciation Month is an April holiday that reminds us to appreciate our partner and their presence in our lives.

First time hearing about this? You’re not alone.

According to the website Days of the Year, the holiday was invented by a travel agency called Blissful Escapes, back in 2010.

According to them, they created the holiday in order to “encourage couples to do something special to reinforce and celebrate their relationship.”

The best couple months are those in spring when love is in the air. But hey, we’re not complaining.

Any reason to celebrate love and appreciation for our partner is always welcome. In fact, both couples and singles loved the happy couple day idea and it has caught on ever since then.

man woman holding hands
What are your couple goals this 2022?

Because let’s face it, relationships take work, and Couple Appreciation Month is an excellent way to renew the spark of romance once February’s Valentine’s Day is over.

But unlike the heavy societal pressure of Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to go all out or shell out tons of cash and buy an expensive gift when you celebrate National Couple Appreciation month with your partner.

Rather, Couple Appreciation Month in April works as a reminder not to take our partners for granted.

Is It Only for Couples?

No, single people are welcome to join in on the celebration. Couple Appreciation Month isn’t only meant to be celebrated for couples but also for singles who have couple friends.

This is their chance to show their appreciation towards their couple friends for all the invites they received to come over for dinner or all the times they’ve hung out together.

It’s a win-win situation!

How to Celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month

If you already have a partner, then you’ll understand that love isn’t always easy. Maintaining a healthy relationship still takes effort.

Use this opportunity to celebrate National Couple Appreciation month and draw your bonds closer by:

Spend Quality Time Together

Ask any psychiatrist and they’ll tell you spending quality time together is vital for any relationship. The keyword here is quality, not quantity.

According to the website Very Well Mind, “Every couple needs quality time together in order for the relationship to grow and to develop.”

When you’re with your partner, it’s important to put your phone down and focus on them. It’s all about expressing your love and affection with your undivided attention.

When you do that, it touches their hearts because it says their presence matters more to you than the smartphone in your hand.

To give your partner the quality time they deserve, take note to:

  • Make eye contact. Doing so implies giving your partner your full attention which will make them feel important.

  • Use active listening skills. Make an effort to understand what they’re saying. Sometimes your partner is just looking for empathy and compassion.

  • Set limits on technology. Make it a habit to put your phone away while you’re in a conversation with your partner. Carve out a few minutes of your time for a meaningful and uninterrupted conversation.

  • Focus on quality, not quantity. Even if it’s just drinking coffee together or sitting on the couch, the quality of time you spend together is more meaningful and special.

  • Be present and available. When your partner feels insecure or is having a bad day, be there for them when they need it. By doing so, you are able to demonstrate that you are present and available when they need you.

Quality time is all about how you spend your time together with your partner. No matter what activities you both do together if you’re attentive and focused, your partner will feel loved.

Rekindle the Passion

There are many ways to show love to your partner and physical touch is one of them. Couples who are in long-term relationships sometimes fall into a routine pattern of scheduled intimacy.

This isn’t a bad thing. But routine intimacy can sometimes take novelty, mystery, and playfulness out of the experience.

Thankfully, National Couple Appreciation Month could be the thing that can rekindle the love and passion in your lives.

To spice things up in your relationship, try these:

  • Do something new

  • Send flirty texts during the day

  • Try role play in the bedroom

  • Go to a new location

  • Share your intimate fantasies

A Chance to Renew Your Relationship

According to one of the world’s leading experts on positive emotion, “Love is fleeting.”

But with consistent practice, you can foster emotional and physical love anytime you want - ultimately renewing old bonds and strengthening them at the same time.

Couple Appreciation Month can be your chance to renew your love for each other. Remind yourselves why you both fell in love with each other in the first place.

Does it still hold true today?

If not, then what should you and your partner do in order to get those feelings of love and appreciation back again?

Renewing your relationship also gives you a chance to assess the couple goals you’ve achieved this year. Have you done any recently?

This is especially important. Setting goals together as a couple can be a powerful force that pulls both of you together, especially if marriage is what you want from your partner.

The End Goal

hands with forever and always scrabble tiles
Love and appreciation go a long way to turn a relationship forever and always.

Ultimately, the end goal for celebrating National Couple Appreciation Month is to stay connected with your partner. It’s moments of mutual love and affection that bring you closer to them and vice versa.

Additionally, the holiday reminds you not to take your partner for granted. Some assume dating someone should be about how good the person makes them feel.

And when the passion and romance wear off, they don’t stay long with that person and move on to the next. They end up chasing the feeling of love rather than staying and trying to work things out.

In the end, true connection builds over time. It doesn’t randomly happen the moment you meet a stranger.

To quote Micheal from The Good Place, “If soulmates do exist, they’re not found, they’re made. People meet, they get a good feeling, and they get to work building a relationship.”

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