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Why Filipino Women Like Dating Older Men

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She passes you, hair swaying like something straight out of a shampoo commercial.

Your submariner reads 11:17, well into the island’s happy hour.

The cigarette smoke forms a thick haze, but your gaze remains steady.

Two cold San Miguels in hand, long lean legs, and hips swaying like a runway model.

What a woman!

Yet the rest of the Filipino women in the room seem unbothered.

They’ve got their own man and that’s all that matters to them.

The lady continues to her table.

She stops and sits, kisses him on the cheek and hands him his San Miguel.

It’s uncomfortable, this feeling of jealousy and mild disgust.

He looks like her father and she doesn’t look a day over 24.

Yet you know deep inside, they’re happy.

So why do we keep seeing this scenario play out over and over again? Do young Filipino women enjoy being with older, foreign men? Or perhaps we should be skeptical - it’s simply too odd to be real. An honest analysis, however, may just put our doubts to rest.

What goes on in the mind of a Filipino woman that persuades her to look past a 10, 20, or even 30 year age gap? Surely they are aware? It can be said, with almost utter certainty, that women don’t grow up dreaming of being with much older men. So why then do they?

Filipino Women Want Long Term Relationships

From the moment they are born, Filipinas are taught to aspire to have a family of their own. This traditional way of thinking is so deeply embedded in Philippine culture that unmarried men and women are looked down upon. So what does that have to do with dating older men?

Most Filipino women date to have a long term relationship or marriage. Filipinas are selective about their partner’s emotional, mental, and financial stability. In other words, getting into a relationship that might go nowhere is too risky for them.

Women who want to have children are very aware of their own biological clock. Men do not have this pressure, therefore are not as compelled to “mature” as quickly as women do.

For many women in the Philippines, marrying a foreigner is a great option to improve their financial situation. They see dollar-earners as rich and capable of supporting them and a future family. Don’t, however, confuse the inclination to better one’s condition with materialism. One is born out of necessity and care for loved ones, the other is purely superficial.

What Older Men Provide Filipino Women

Age-gap relationships are not one sided. Dating a younger woman appeals to many older men from places like the US, UK, and Australia, and for good reason.

These men are well aware that they can provide a better life for someone half-way around the globe. For them, it’s a fair trade-off for what they get in return.

Many older men have made their careers and are looking for a lasting companion. In their home countries, the number of women looking to settle down is fast decreasing. Finding committed partners is becoming a pipe dream for many.

Older men have the maturity, desire for commitment, and career stability young Filipino women look for. These same men also desire to care for their younger partners. This is one reason many end up falling in love with a younger woman.

Challenges Filipinas Face Dating Older Men

Dating older men is not without its downsides. All things being equal, men on average have a lower life span than women. A woman marrying a man 20 to 30 years older than her is likely to spend the latter half of her life partnerless. Having children further complicates matters.

Criticism is another problem these couples face. Being married to a younger woman is bound to raise a few eyebrows. You may deal with unwanted, even unsavory opinions from family, friends, and peers. Your children will need an explanation for why dad has a younger girlfriend.

Rest assured, however, that these couples know exactly what they are getting into, and have most likely come prepared for it.

Dating an Older Man Works for Filipinas

If you ask any woman in an age-gap relationship, she will tell you that age absolutely does not matter. These relationships work because of compatibility. What younger women want and need, older men have and provide. Vice versa.

These relationships work because they’re based on value. In other words, they’re practical.

Most people hold on to the concept that love will get you through the storms in a marriage. And most people who believe that have never been married. It sounds poetic when things are rosy, but the moment things get rough, most people quit, hence the absurdly high divorce rates.

Contrary to common belief, most older men who marry much younger women aren’t fools. Those that end up losing their wealth to gold-diggers might be foolish, but not naive. Those that take their time, discern their options, and make good decisions end up as very happy men with very happy wives.

How to Date Younger Women in the Philippines

If you’re looking forward to having a transnational relationship with a Filipina, online dating might be the best way to go. It’s the fastest way to interact with beautiful Filipino women and filter through a sea of potential partners. Make sure you’re doing your business with reputable companies that aim to foster authentic international marriages. These companies usually provide well-organized tours to the Philippines and screen the women using their service.

The hurdle most older men face is getting the approval of the lady’s family. There is a strong family culture in the Philippines, and parents scrutinize and test the suitors thoroughly before giving their blessing.

Filipino women like dating older men simply because older men are more suited to their interests, values, and goals. The typical Filipina is feminine, a natural nurturer, and a loving mother. And while she is certainly free and encouraged to be an independent, successful, and strong woman, she will always have family first in her heart. If the person you need now is someone who will love and commit to you no matter your age, look no further than a Filipino woman.

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