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How To Get The Most From Your Singles Tour

Joining a Singles Tour is an important decision for most of us. Many men will spend months looking at all the information and getting ready for the tour. There is much you can do to maximize your tour so that you will get as much out of it as possible. Below are some tips to help you get the most from your Singles Tour. It's impossible to cover everything, or to go into great detail on the points that we do bring up in this short article. However, it will give you some insight into some simple ways you can improve the effectiveness of your tour.

Choose the right tour: No matter which city you travel to you will meet hundreds of beautiful women. However, it is important to try and determine, before hand, where the women are that most interest you. In some cases, due to time constraints or other factors, you have little choice as to the city or time you can attend. If that's the case it's really not a problem, as you can still implement the other tips to maximize your effectiveness. However, if your schedule allows you the luxury of choosing the exact city and time, then try to determine which city would be best for you. For example, if you live in a very rural area, you may want to try and focus on some of the smaller cities. Narrow down the number of profiles by creating your own personalized search using the search engine. That way you will only view profiles that are of interest to you. You can always expand your search criteria if you are not being shown enough profiles. Then try and pick a city that wil! l allow you to meet as many of those women as possible.

Send out letters: Sending out letters is a very positive tool. If you are taking one of our tours, you have access to as many addresses as you like, via the Platinum membership; why not take advantage of it? Sending letters to the women you are interested in accomplishes many things. First, it lets the woman know you are interested. Hopefully she will respond, giving you an opportunity to build a relationship prior to meeting her. Even is she doesn't respond, the letter still serves as a great icebreaker when you call her: "I sent you that wonderful letter with the beautiful photo of myself, what happened - did I scare you?" A good sense of humor and a well-written letter can go a long way. Another tip, please try and stay away from the obvious form letters; they can do more harm than good. If the woman feels that she is just one of hundreds you are less likely to receive a favorable response. Also, be sure to mention in your letter exactly when you are planning on! traveling. This will help improve your response rate, as the women will view you as someone who is serious. You can expedite your letters by using the Express Mail service.

Do your homework: Before you depart you should print out all the profiles of the women you are interested in. This way, you will have their profile handy and there will be no confusion. Once you arrive you can write notes on their profiles so that you can keep all the information straight about the different women you will be seeing. Make no mistake about it, this can be a very overwhelming process and it helps to be as organized as possible.

Submit Lists: Submit a list of names and or ID numbers of women you are interested in and would like to meet at the Socials. These women will be invited to the Socials so that you can meet them face-to-face. When you are at the Social you may not recognize these women, thus check with the staff to see if they are in attendance and asked to be introduced. If for some reason the women on your list do not attend the Socials, ask a staff member why and request assistance in arranging private meetings with the women who could not make the Socials.

Pre-arranged meetings: Arranging meetings prior to your tour can be a positive thing, but you need to be careful. Remember, you still haven't met this woman and once you do she may not be what you thought, or you may not be what she had in mind. Therefore, do not make any arrangements that will interfere with you attending the Socials. Also, keep in mind that you will be meeting many women at the Socials with whom you will want to spend time, so be sure to leave enough room in your schedule for that. If you have a good correspondence going with a woman, (or even several women) then by all means start to pencil them in on your calendar - just be sure that it doesn't interfere with the women you have yet to meet.

Make use of the office: Once you arrive be sure to make use of the office/hospitality room. The staff in the office is there to support you and your efforts of meeting as many women as possible. You will find the profiles of all the women in that city and the surrounding area located in the office. Take your time and go through all of the books, you will find some profiles in the office books that are not on the Internet. Let the staff in the office assist you in making calls and setting up dates. It is much more efficient when you allow them to assist you in the calls.

Do not skip any of the Socials or events: We hold numerous Socials and Events in order to expose you to as many women as possible. Some men will find women they are interested in early on, and will then skip some of the Socials and events. This is fine if everything works out, if not you have lost the opportunity to meet many women at one time. Furthermore, even if you believe you have discovered Miss Right, attending all the events can only reinforce that belief.

Do not use a woman's friend as an interpreter: There are many reasons for this one, but the most obvious is that you want to have an interpreter who is as objective as possible. This is no time for her friend to be practicing her English or trying to earn a few extra dollars. You have a very short time and must make the best use of it. Thus, always insist on an objective, third party interpreter, if one is needed at all.

Stay focused: Again, this is a very overwhelming process and it can be easy to lose one's focus. Prior to departing it is a good idea to put down, in writing, the qualities that are important for you. Examples may be age ranges, children, height, education, etc. etc. The factors on your list should not be set in stone, but should serve as a strong guide, a tool to assist in keeping you focused. When you meet someone that you are attracted to, take out the list (when you are alone!) and see how she compares. It may be that you are willing to compromise some factors for others, however if she is nowhere close to what you had in mind you may want to take a closer look.

Don't waste time: There is one constraint we can do little about: time. Although our tours are the longest in the industry, sooner or later they do end. If you are not sure about someone, and feel that things are really not progressing the way they should, please do not wait until the end of the tour to talk about it. Talk to your group leader and get his input as soon as possible. The group leaders are very experienced and are more than happy to share that experience with you.

Expose yourself to the language: Chances are you are not going to be able to master a foreign language prior to your Singles Tour. However, even a cursory knowledge of the language can serve as a great icebreaker and actually come in handy. There are many programs available to assist you in learning a foreign language. Click here to see the ones that we felt were most effective.

Be relaxed and have fun: Some men tend to put so much pressure on themselves that it can make it very difficult to cultivate any meaningful relationships. The men who seem to do the best are the ones who are relaxed and enjoy the entire process. They have already determined that even if they do not find the love of their life, they are still going to have a wonderful time.

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