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Anatomy of a Social

Having just returned from our Moscow and St. Petersburg Singles Tours I thought it only appropriate to share with you a little about the experience and discuss, in general, about the Socials and the advantages they offer. There is so much that goes on during any one given Singles Tour that it would be impossible to include all of it in this newsletter, so we will focus on the Socials, in the hopes that this information will benefit you should you decide to embark on this remarkable journey.

First I would like to state that I believe our Socials are the single most effective way to meet the one person with whom you would like to build a serious relationship. Lately there have been companies that have popped up stating that serious women do not attend Socials, and their method, (normally one-on-one introductions) is superior to the Socials. Since we have a vast database of female clients in all of our tour cities and do numerous one-on-one introductions ourselves (included for free with our tours) in addition to the Socials, I can objectively tell you that the Socials are far, far superior.

The vast majority of women who attend our Socials are serious, because if they are not we do not invite them back. Our Socials are invitation only, so the women who attend our Socials are members. We have an excellent reputation in the industry in policing our own service so that if there are women on our site who have a different agenda we remove them from the site, meaning they will not be invited to Socials. The entrance door to the Social is carefully watched and everyone, both men and women, are screened prior to entering. There are a small number of women who would prefer to meet you on a one-on-one basis, as opposed to the Social setting, which is no problem and may even work out better for the both of you. In those cases we simply arrange for the meeting. However, most of the women look forward to and enjoy our Socials and the opportunity to meet the men that attend.

The Socials provide an excellent environment in which you can meet hundreds of different women in a very short time. In order to set up one introduction or date you must first pick the woman, and then we must contact her. We then have to find a time that works for both of you. You then have to meet at the appointed time and place and if she is not what you thought she would be you are still obligated to go out on the date and spend your time and money, even though you knew in the first 5 minutes that this would never really work.

Contrast the one-on-one scenario with the Socials, where you supply us with a list of the women you would like to meet, and we invite them (and many others) to a tastefully done event where the women are treated with the utmost respect. In this case you get to meet all of the women you are interested in for a brief amount of time just to see if there is any chemistry, any 'spark", any reason to actually go ahead and set up a date. The Socials also give you the opportunity to meet women that you would have never thought about inviting. As a matter of fact, many of the men who attend our Socials find that they are more interested in women that they never picked from the Internet or catalog books.

The Socials also serve as an excellent frame of reference. If you only go out on two or three dates and find someone you really like, you really do not have many other women to compare her with, how do you really know that there is not someone else out there that may be a better match for you? By going to the Socials you have the opportunity to meet hundreds of different women, from all walks of life. This gives you an excellent perspective, one that most men will never experience.

The following are some common mistakes men make with regards to the Socials:

Misinformation about Socials: Listening to other companies or even individuals telling them that the Socials are just a meat market for opportunists. If other companies could actually perform the same type of Socials that we do, with the same number of men and women attending, they would. Our Socials are very well controlled, the women attending are serious. It is very difficult for other companies to duplicate what we do and how we do it, thus they attempt to denigrate the entire process. If you are searching for information about the validity of the Socials, especially our Socials, be sure to ask for facts, as well as what source or base of information they are using to reach their conclusions.

Not attending all of the Socials: This is a big mistake that many men make. You would think that the men would be happy to go to all the Socials where, with our program, they are meeting different women at each and every Social. The fact is that some of the men will meet women they are interested in at the first or second Social and will not go to the other Socials. By doing that you are giving up the opportunity to meet the hundreds of other women that are available. This goes back to the frame of reference we spoke about earlier. If you think you met someone at the first Social that could be the one, you owe it to yourself and her to go to the other Socials to make sure that she is the one. Even if you think she's the one, she may change her mind after a few days, and then you have lost the opportunity to meet all of these women at once. We will still be able to assist with one- on-one introductions, but it is a slower and less effective process.

Not talking to as many women as possible during the Social: This is another common mistake that many men make, especially at the first Social. The Social is a very new experience and we deal with new experiences based on our past experiences. The problem lies in the fact that you have never experienced anything quite like one of our Socials. We do our best to warn you, but the first Social is overwhelming. Many men will find a woman whom they feel comfortable with and spend quite a bit of time with her during the Social. The true purpose of the Social is to briefly meet as many of the women as possible, it is not a cocktail party, the intent is not to meet just one or two women and spend all your time with them. The women at the Social, as opposed to women whom you may meet at bars and other social settings, actually want to meet you! They have joined our service with the express intention of meeting someone for a serious relationship, so it is much much easier to approach these women and converse with them.

Not taking notes, making dates: The Socials can be somewhat overwhelming and it is easy to get caught up in all of the excitement. Some men make the mistake of thinking that they are going to remember who was who the next day. They may look at a pad of paper with Olga's number on it, or Tanya's number, and wonder who exactly Olga was. There are quite a few Olga's out there so it is important that you take good notes and go ahead and set up dates right there and then when you find someone you are interested in.

There are other mistakes that are made; however, when you attend one of our tours we give you a very long and exhaustive orientation, which covers all of this and much more. We also have our own 'Romance Counselors" who are there with you the entire time and will do their best to keep you on track during the Socials.

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