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Why, Where and When to Do A Singles Tour

Objective Answers to Your Most Important Questions

If you're considering international dating as a means of finding, meeting and marrying a lovely foreign lady, there are several important questions you must answer before getting started. Perhaps the most important of these are the questions of "Why Do A Singles Tour", "Which Singles Tour Destination is Right for Me", and When is the Right Time to Go?" These are the three questions we are asked consistently by prospective clients, so let's break them down for you:

Why Do a Singles Tour?

Once you have committed in your heart to meet someone special - someone sincere and lovely - from another culture, you can basically begin in one of two ways. You can browse the profiles and order a few addresses and start your correspondence. If you persist, this will lead to a few steady "contacts" that write to you consistently and will ultimately ask you for a commitment to come and visit them. Many men who begin in this process with blind correspondence find themselves later challenged to plan a trip which will allow them to meet several ladies who are spread out over a large geographical area - maybe thousands of miles apart, or from separate countries. This can be a logistical nightmare.

Others will narrow their choices down to one lady, and then make the often "fatal" error of taking a solo-trip to Russia or Ukraine to visit only one woman. We never recommend this! Why? Obviously if you fly half way around the world to meet a lady you've corresponded with - the chance of being compatible once you've actually met - is no better than 50%! If it doesn't work out, you will have spent a considerable amount of money, with no back up plan for meeting others, to come out empty handed. Stories are told from time to time of men who wrote to a green eyed blonde aerobics instructor with a slim figure who turned into to a short, full-figured brunette, chain smoker once the client got off the plane in her home country. You don't want to go half way around the world, to a place where English is not frequently written or spoken only to find right away this was an obvious mistake - do you?

In fairness to the many Russian, Ukrainian and Colombian ladies who have filed their profiles with us, our experience is they typically look MUCH better in person than they do in their photos, as is evident by some of our recent tour photos - but traveling to meet ONE lady is always going to be a big risk.

A Singles Tour offers you so much more! Why meet one or two ladies, when you can meet hundreds! Why correspond for 6 months with one or two ladies, only to find once you've met, there's no real chemistry or compatibility? During a Singles Tour social, you can engage a lovely lady in 10 minutes of conversation and know more than you might have determined in weeks of correspondence with the same girl! In one evening, one 4 hour social, you can meet half a dozen ladies you feel VERY compatible with - and your hardest decision from that point on is which wonderful girl to date first! The women who attend A Foreign Affair socials are incredibly friendly and warm - they want you to approach them and introduce yourself, It is the whole reason they come to the socials in the first place, not to drink champagne, not to eat or dance, but to meet YOU!

Another great reason to choose a Singles Tour over a solo-trip is the incredible support you receive from A Foreign Affair's international staff! Keep in mind that while Eastern Europe is well traveled by tourists from around the world, Americans and other English speaking travelers have not been visiting this part of the world until just recently. In order to be comfortable in Russia, Ukraine or Colombia, you need someone to assist you with accommodations, transportation, interpreting, introductions and creating a comfortable social setting for you and your lady(ies) to meet. The stress involved in working these things out for yourself in a country where you have no reliable resources, can be a huge distraction for you. When you choose a Singles Tour with A Foreign Affair, these details are worked out for you long before you even depart the US.

Where to Choose Your Singles Tour / What City is Right For You?

A Foreign Affair is currently conducting Singles Tours to 15 different Tour Destinations! Some of these are cities we've been going to for years, cities like St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa and Cartagena (Colombia.) Others are new destinations like Nizhniy Novgorod, Donnetsk and Kazan! I am always asked "Which tour city is right for me?" And the answer is - all of them! Anyone could go to any tour destination on AFA's 2005 schedule and meet hundreds of sincere, gorgeous, marriage-minded women. There is nothing random about how we choose a tour destination. All cities must meet specific criteria - and must offer hundreds, if not thousands of available ladies who are ready to meet a genuine, family-oriented foreign man.

There are advantages to choosing a familiar city like St Petersburg, which has hosted A Foreign Affair Singles Tours for nearly 10 years! St. Petersburg is, in many ways, the ideal city for a Singles Tour! The former Leningrad offers the perfect setting for a romantic adventure - European architecture, exquisite art galleries, sidewalk cafes and a royal palace or two - everything we love about Europe! There are many canals winding through the city, offering sunset boat-rides in the summer. St Petersburg offers the highest concentration of English-speaking women attending AFA socials, nearly 40% on average! Even the hotel we use is an advantage - it houses one of the best AFA office staffs who are there to assure your comfort each day of the tour.

One often echoed criticism of St Petersburg as a Tour Destination is that it has been "picked over" due to it's dominance for so many years as the city of choice for Singles Tour operators and clients. The best women are gone, some will say. Anyone who has attended AFA's St. Petersburg Singles Tour Socials recently will tell you - this is absolutely NOT the case! St. Petersburg's population, 5 million strong, is a constant source for some of Russia's most beautiful, educated, multi-lingual and motivated women - and after ten years of Singles tours here - we haven't even begun to tap into the well of available women! Some gentlemen seem to focus on very young (18 - 21 years old,) model quality girls who speak perfect English, and indeed, some of these girls are over- pursued. But there seems to be an endless number of ladies, 22 - 45 years old who speak anywhere from good to little English who keep coming to our socials in hopes of meeting that special guy. We recorded record attendance at our St. Petersburg socials last year, reaching at times 300 ladies! Remember that each social will introduce our clients to an entirely different group of ladies than the previous one! Personally, I have been to St Pete 5 times, met my wonderful wife there, and can't wait to go back!

Yet for some, the cities which are the newest on our tour schedule are more appealing, as they invest in the fact that no other tour company is going there and the women have never met foreign men. Such is the phenomenon behind the success of cities like Kazan. A Foreign Affair is committed to offering singles tour destinations where the women will most likely never have met foreign men before, or experienced the whole Singles Tour program. The enthusiasm of first-singles-tour women is enormous, as they romanticize the possibilities of being courted by gentle, faithful, equally romantic foreign men! Though somewhat reserved and a little unsure of what to expect in the whole process, first-singles-tour women are anxious for our arrival, and to begin their own pursuit of a loving husband and family! Kazan is a culturally diverse city with hundreds of terrific ladies who simply can't wait for us to get there this summer!

When is the Best Time To Go?

It may surprise you, but deciding when to go has less to do with what time of year offers the best weather, or the best chances of meeting specific ladies than it has to do with YOUR specific frame of mind. We go to several cities during the winter months, and the few guys who complain about the temperatures - will only do so up to the first social! Once men have met the charming, welcoming women of A Foreign Affair - the weather doesn't seem to be such a problem anymore! In fact, although Russian and Ukrainian women are quite comfortable in their outdoor environment - they would much prefer to spend their evenings impressing their sweetheart with a candle-lit dinner, or cuddling over café cappuccino. Summer in St Petersburg offers a unique advantage over all other tour destinations - the famous White Nights period from early June to late July. This enchanting phenomenon, credited to St Petersburg's northern latitude - gives cause for celebration as the sun sets just below the horizon for 8 hours each evening, and then finally lowers into darkness at about 2:30am only to rise again before 5am! The city is bathed in an orange and red glow - a perpetual evening-long sunset, the perfect setting for romantic walks along the Neva's shore, bustling Nevsky Prospekt or though the famous summer garden.

Yet what really determines the best time to go - is your level of commitment to change your life! Are you ready to meet the girl of your dreams? Are you serious and sincere - enough to distance yourself from the thousands of guys who write letters to these ladies without ever planning to get on the plane and go? Are you ready to be successful, happy and complete? Are you ready to win the heart of a beautiful girl who will sacrifice everything familiar to her to come here and begin a new life with you? Are you a nice guy with old fashioned family values? Can your lifestyle support another person, perhaps the most important person of your life? If you can answer "yes" to these tough questions - then anytime is a good time to begin this incredible journey toward love and happiness!

A Foreign Affair is the international leader in international introductions and marriage services! For ten years we have introduced thousands of happy couples - men like you, and women like these! Let us show you how easy finding the love of your life can be! Let us introduce you to someone you have always wanted to meet!

Call our Tour Department today, to speak with one of our experienced representatives. We'll help you determine if a Singles Tour is right for you! (800) 576-3367!

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