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Filipina Love & Influence | Veteran Tells His Story

More Americans are actively dating Filipinas and often ponder what life will look like after the pursuit. As marriage stands as the ultimate goal for almost all intercultural couples in the Philippines, thoughts about the characteristics of a typical Pinay as a wife frequently cross the minds of Americans dating beyond borders. While certain critics may describe insidious intentions driving Filipinas to date beyond borders, the majority concur that Asian women seek the same values any woman would appreciate in a lifelong relationship.

The increasing global fascination with the passport bro lifestyle motivates men in America and other parts of the world to consider the Philippines as a potential destination in their quest to find the Filipina pea to their pod. Seemingly born out of frustrations with dating culture in the United States and beyond, passport bros seek their dream of lasting connections in cities like Cebu or Davao where Filipinas uphold many traditionally feminine values that were once more prominent in other Western countries.

Most attendees claim that dating in Asia has continued to improve ever since speed dating events began to take shape decades ago. While working with a Philippine dating agency cannot guaranty a match, having a Pinay cupid working on your behalf will be a potent tool that American guys traveling to Cebu or Davao can utilize to the fullest extent. Along with the emergence of Filipino dating apps, various matchmaking services have come into the international dating scene, making a significant impact.

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