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Filipinas' Greatest Fear When Dating Foreign Men

Filipinas are known to be sweet and soft-spoken, whereas foreign men find it sexy and appealing. They are very tender in the way they speak. This is because Filipino women want themselves to speak perfectly in English.

The Philippines can be considered one of the most English-speaking countries because of the schools and universities that teach English as a subject lesson in class from kindergarten to college. It is served as the second language because the majority of Filipinos have a degree of fluency.

The vast majority of Philippine women can speak fluently in English and it helps a lot for their career growth even finding interracial love, which made communication easier. The meet and greet events were made possible without the aid of a local matchmaker. And because of this, lots of international couples get united.

But why are Filipinas afraid to speak English to foreigners when they are in public places? We all know bullies and discrimination are rampant in the Philippines. They become shy automatically when they are speaking because they might mispronounce the word or their grammar is broken.

On the other hand, they don’t want to sound ignorant and stupid to anyone, these fear things and the cultural issue made anyone not have confidence in themselves. It’s hilarious if they would realize that foreigners don’t even care instead, they become happy when you can communicate with them using the English language.

They are very appreciative in any way and you will not feel humiliated when you talk to them confidently. No wonder many single men want to date these beautiful women because they are innately intelligent.

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