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Five Love Languages of Filipino Women

A photo of a happy Filipina.
Filipino women are known to be exceptional in showing their love.

To love and be loved by someone feels like heaven.

It is pretty normal for everyone to express their affection to their partners to make the relationship even stronger.

This act provides assurance to your significant other that whatever happens, you can count on each other.

All things considered, we deserve the most genuine, passionate love someone could give.

With that being said, do love languages need to be mutual? That is a question most couples tend to misinterpret.

Loving someone means accepting who they are inside and out, and that includes recognizing what they can give for the relationship to grow. However, it has been an issue for some couples that their way of showing affection does not match.

As a result, they end up arguing. Worse, they break up.

From the start of your connection, one of the things that you should always prioritize is communication. It may sound cliché, but the impact of communicating with your partner creates a remarkable outcome when you both try to understand each other’s primary love language.

According to a survey released in 2016 by an international financial firm, the Philippines had been named the most expressive nation in Asia.

It added that 87 percent of couples say “I love you” every week and 68 percent every day.

So sweet, right?

Imagine that every time you do something, you receive an “I love you” from your better half. You feel appreciated and valued, right?

The survey is an indication that you will never feel unloved by Filipino women.

The natural qualities of beautiful Filipino women, some of which include living simply and being hospitable, make you fall in love with them easily.

They will never make you feel uneasy or pressured. They will always find ways to entertain you.

With that being said, showing your pure intentions to a Filipina would surely take your relationship a long way.

Although there are a lot of hearsays about loving a Filipina woman, they never fail to make you feel loved, taken care of, and appreciated. Racial stereotyping does not diminish the fact that they can build a happy future with you.

How Filipinas Express Their Love

A photo of a couple preparing a meal.
Small acts of service fuel relationships.

On the onset of your relationship with someone, there are bound to be several bumps that both of you will encounter. The cracks may become bigger, and one cause of that is that both of you have incompatible love languages.

Dr. Gary Chapman, a pastor and veteran marriage counselor, authored a book entitled “Five Love Languages,” which has been tagged as a #1 New York Bestseller.

This book has changed a lot of mindsets about how couples should deal with their better half’s love language differences.

Try to relearn and recognize the following love languages in relationships:

Words of Affirmation

A number of Filipinas love to say kind words to their partners. Generally, they always want to compliment your every achievement, no matter how simple it may be.

Even when you’re wearing a plain shirt, they will not hesitate to tell you how good you look. Appreciating you is never an exclusion.

Every time you work on something you are not familiar with and you fail, you will still be appreciated because of your efforts.

Discouraging words are not in their vocabulary. Also, don’t be surprised if you always see your face on social media with captions that could melt your heart, as this simply indicates that your woman is head over heels for you.

If you happen to find a Filipina whose words of affirmation overflow, do not dare to release the knot that ties you to her. Whether it be written or spoken words of affirmation, you matter to her to a great extent, and she will see to it that you know it through her words.

Quality Time

Going out with the person you love is an opportunity to create thousands of memories. The amount of time you spend together is never a waste.

You get the chance to talk about random things, share experiences about your day or the past, perform tasks with each other’s help, and listen to one another’s sentiments and concerns.

You can discover commonalities you never thought you had.

Quality time is not a new concept to Filipinas. They mostly spend it with their family, friends, and of course, significant others.

The fact that they have their prior commitments doesn’t mean they will not do their best to invest a moment with you, and that only boils down to one fact: you are a top priority. Your presence is valued.

Acts of Service

Life is never a smooth ride. There are moments when you feel so burned out and you want to give up or even quit. But that is life’s reality.

One moment you feel so alive, the next you feel exhausted. The cycle keeps on repeating.

At one point in your existence, you might have wanted someone who would be there for you when you need them, someone who finds happiness in helping others.

Acts of service can be something as simple as preparing breakfast in the morning for your partner, buying them coffee, seeing them after work, taking out the trash, or doing some errands.

This is where you perform deeds or gestures that show how important a person is to you.

Being with a Filipina will certainly make your life easy. That is a fact that no one can ever deny.

These ladies are used to helping their partners to ensure productivity and desirable disposition. They do not need to compute taxes, read cases, correct papers, and fix machines with you.

Simply preparing your meals, brewing you coffee, ironing your clothes, and providing you medicines are their acts of service.


Giving presents to your loved ones is a love language. Who doesn't love receiving gifts, right?

Others may feel ashamed for not giving back, but it is not the expectation of someone who gives a gift out of genuine sincerity.

The commonalities of givers is that they recognize and value the gift-giving process.

Imagine, they take the time choosing the best item for you. They always think of what makes you happy. The smile you wear the moment you receive it radiates the same energy to them.

They do it for you to know that aside from the mutual feelings you have for each other, they can also show their affection through visual symbols of love.

To Filipinas, it is never about money, it is always about YOUR value to them.

Physical Touch

After a long, tiring day, all you want to do is lie on a smooth cottony bed or couch with a soft cushion where you can rest your head.

Such a relaxing feeling. But what equates to lying in bed with your partner's arms around you?

An emotional connector functions and ties you even more. Physical touch as a love language releases dopamine that provides you pleasure.

A simple kiss on the forehead, cuddling, and holding hands give such an indescribable sensation.

These acts are common types of physical touch which are normal to Filipinas.

By the time you depart for work, a kiss on the cheek is not forgotten. During bed time, laying her head on your chest will make you feel warm and cozy.

If you have a Filipina partner, you will certainly get used to her making all types of physical and romantic gestures that will make you appreciate the way they show their love and affection.

You Deserve Love From a Filipina Woman

A photo of a couple enjoying each other’s company at the beach.
It feels great to spend quality time with the person who values you most.

Everybody deserves genuine love.

Finding the right love may not be as effortless as it seems, but it will come.

Sometimes, you cannot find it where you come from. The love of your life might be of a different nationality.

It definitely wouldn’t be a surprise if you found it among the loving and compassionate Filipino women. Who knows? If you are truly destined to be with someone from the Philippines, that’s when you’ll discover that you deserve love from a Filipina.

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