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Traits Filipinas Have That Make Foreign Men Fall For Them

a beautiful Filipina smiling
Find out why foreign men easily fall for beautiful Filipinas.

Why do foreigners marry Filipina women?

You might have noticed a trend of dating or marrying a Filipina within your circle. You might also be wondering what exactly they possess that leaves these men enamored.

Is it their looks? Their personality? Sense of humor?

Everyone has their own preferences of what they want in a partner. You might find, however, that there are some traits that are highly preferred by a large number of people.

Foreign men, for example, have an affinity for women who are jolly and engaging. And by some stroke of fate, Filipinas are exactly that.

To give you a better understanding, we’ve listed a few traits on what makes a foreign man fall for a Filipina woman.

Filipinas are Nurturing

Filipinas are innately caring. They look after the people most important to them, such as their family, friends, or partner.

That is one of the many reasons why you come across many Filipina nurses. They’re naturally attentive and genuinely caring about the people they look after. Who wouldn’t fall for that?

That’s not to say that they are subservient. In fact, they have quite the backbone when faced with hardships. But even after a stressful nine to five, they never fail to look after their loved ones in any way they can.

Filipinas are Resourceful

Nothing shows resourcefulness like repurposing a Kool-Aid container to store your condiments. At least, that’s how Filipinas do it.

If you were to step into a Filipina household, don’t be surprised that the contents of the containers aren’t what they are supposed to be. You open a tin of Danish cookies, you get a sewing kit. You open the oven, you find dishes there instead.

And that tub of ice cream in the fridge? Don’t bother - it’s probably fish instead.

All jokes aside, this is actually quite practical and cost effective. These ladies won’t have to bother buying fancy containers if they are able to reuse or repurpose things. It’s an absolute win-win.

Filipinas are Jolly

Filipino humor is top-tier humor. It’s why you often hear Filipinas howling with laughter while smacking the nearest surface.

These ladies are like computers with a happy software prebuilt - you just can’t get the infectious positivity out of them. They thrive most when the mood is bubbly and bright. It’s no wonder they make great company on dates!

Humor is one way you can impress a Filipina. Even if the joke is bad, they can still get a good laugh at how bad it is. Rest assured, your stomach will have abs by the time your date is over.

Filipinas are Hardworking

This goes out to all Filipinos as well.

The concept of Filipino resiliency is not only known within their country, but all over the world as well. You will often see OFWs, or overseas Filipino workers, working themselves to the bone to earn some honest money.

This innate drive to succeed stems from their vision of securing themselves a better life. Not only for them, but for their family as well. They want to give back to the people that helped them succeed in life, most notably their parents.

Take all the time you need to get to know these ladies - there’s a lot more to them that leaves men head over heels.

Bonus Tip: Here Are the Ingredients of a Happy and Successful Relationship

The journey to a happy and successful relationship is never easy.

In the Philippines, divorce is hardly an option. While that may be good news for those who yearn to be part of a happy marriage, it also means that some Filipino women may find themselves trapped in failed marriages.

One of the reasons for this is the absence of qualities that help a marriage last.

When romance is no longer there, ending the relationship is the quickest route for some couples to take. When consumed by disappointment, conflict, and despair, they decide to leave the relationship.

So is there a way to prevent a relationship from failing even when both parties seem to have lost all hope?

two hands holding each other
Don’t just impress a Filipina, know what it takes to keep her in your life.

Well, here are some helpful habits that are essential in building a happy and successful relationship:

  1. Communication and time.

    Good communication involves talking and listening. For it to be effective, couples must practice it every day. One way of knowing that you are in a healthy relationship is when the communication line is open.

    Couples must not be hesitant to talk to each other. A casual conversation on any given day is already considered quality time. Also make sure that the time you spend with each other is valued and appreciated.

  2. Openness and resolution.

    Your actions - whether good or bad - and other matters that might affect the relationship must be addressed and shared with your partner. There is no room for secrets in a relationship.

    If you want a lasting relationship, make it safe for the two of you to talk openly about your thoughts, feelings, needs, and expectations. And when disagreements arise, resolve them in a way that will preserve both your beliefs and kindness to one another.

  3. Understanding and respect.

    You each have your own passions and priorities and life, so it’s only natural for you to make sacrifices every now and then. You may have a clash of perceptions and opinions, but knowing how to compromise will help build mutual respect and understanding.

  4. Balance.

    There is a fine line between love and obsession. Some couples see love differently. To show love, you must ask your partner for the kind of love that they want - their love language. Do not impose restrictions that might suffocate them. What you think is love may be killing their love for you. Always find the balance between the two.

  5. Commitment.

    Staying committed to your relationship shouldn’t be a problem if you are determined to accept your differences and be each other’s rock. Whatever problems come your way, make it a habit to remind yourselves of why you chose to be with each other in the first place.

At the end of the day, we all search for companionship.

We don’t want to end up being alone, right?

We want to settle down with a partner and be able to share our life experiences with them. So even if achieving a happy and successful relationship is a difficult journey, we choose to face it.

I hope this article helps you in assessing where you currently stand as a person who longs for love. To keep the love, it is important to practice good habits and prevent toxic ones.

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