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What Makes Filipino Women Beautifully Unique

A Filipina in a cultural outfit. Learn the rich heritage of Filipino women that shaped them into the women that the world has come to adore.

With over 7,000 islands making up the Philippine archipelago, this country holds an abundance of natural treasures and wonders. But what sets the Pearl of the Orient Seas apart from other nations is its proudest and most treasured resource - its remarkable people and the world-class beauty of Philippine women. Considered as among the most beautiful women in the world, Filipinas do not just attract local men but bachelors of different nationalities as well.

Because of the strategic location of the country and its abundant natural resources, the Philippines has caught the interests of foreign merchants and colonizers who brought forth a mixture of culture and genetics. With this, the Philippines became a melting pot of different cultures that makes the country and its people unique. The rich history of the country has given birth to the distinct Filipino culture that has shaped its women.

  • The Spaniards

    With the Spaniards settling in and ruling over the islands of the Philippines for more than three centuries, they brought their Hispanic culture and traditions to the Filipinos which are still evident until today. Examples of this can be seen at how Philippine women behave with dignity and self-respect. They are raised to be the kind of women who give importance to the relationships they build with the people around them.

    Due to the Spanish colonization, Filipinos have not only adopted the Hispanic culture but have developed an entirely new trait within themselves as well. They have become strong-willed individuals; ready to stand on what they believe is right. With this, Philippine women are raised to have integrity. They know their worth and they do not pretend to be someone else they’re not.

  • The Americans

    After the Spanish regime in the country, the Americans took over. The Western influence in the country brought a whole new perspective to the Filipinos. The Westerners brought the Thomasites to the Philippines who gave way to free formal education in the country. With this, Filipinos have put weight on the value of education.

    The introduction of the education system to the Filipinos have resulted in a more independent and knowledgeable Filipina. Because of this, more and more women in the Philippines have become goal-driven.

    The American colonization has made a turn in the culture and history of the Filipinos. Because of the mixture of the Hispanic and Western culture, women in the Philippines have developed and acquired more and more traits; class and wittiness being the most prominent among them. While the Spanish culture taught these women to be conservative, the Western culture taught them how to carry themselves with confidence.

  • The Japanese

    During World War II, the Philippines was yet again brought down to its knees. During these times, the country was under the control of the Japanese Empire after its successful invasion of the archipelago.

    Although the Japanese occupation in the Philippines was short-lived, it has taught the Filipinos to be more dignified. Women have become even stronger -- not just in belief but also in their emotions. They learned how to handle all the struggles and have become more prepared for what is to come.

With everything that has happened to the country, Filipinos were transformed. They have become braver and bolder; ready to fight and die for their motherland and for those they hold dear. This is why Philippine women can easily make the necessary sacrifices for their loved ones, most especially their families.

Through it all, the Filipinas have been molded to be traditional and at the same time open-minded. They retain their culture but are also willing to learn new things. All the aspects of Filipino culture are a result of their dark yet rich history.

Filipino women are not just beautiful because of their almond-shaped eyes and naturally tanned skin, nor their silky black hair and slender physique, they are beautiful because they are women of substance and integrity, a byproduct of rich heritage and a hodgepodge of different cultures and traditions.

But with all these notable Filipino women characteristics, what truly makes a Filipina beautiful? The answer is simple: a Filipina is beautiful simply because she is a Filipina, nothing more and nothing less than that.

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