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What Women Want in Men and Relationships

A woman sitting in a field.
What women want is not a mystery, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

If you want to attract a quality woman, don’t get advice from what you see in the media.

If you’re like most men, you’d be happy with simple things. A lot of guys show off their mansions, Lamborghinis, and yachts on social media, but you know that none of that equates to a happy and meaningful life.

What you want is a serious relationship with someone who’ll love you for better or for worse. You most likely want marriage, kids, and a house by the lake.

And contrary to what the media tells you, that’s most men.

But the problem is that a lot of these guys can’t get a date to save their lives. Why is this? Part of it is because many men simply do not know what women want. They don’t know what kind of man attracts a woman. They don’t know how to dress to be the kind of man that attracts women.

And a lot of these guys have convinced themselves that women don’t know what they want either, and consequently never bother to learn. Which does them no favors when it comes to attracting a partner.

So, what exactly is it that women want in a man? What do they need in a relationship? And do women need men to get all of their wants fulfilled?

If you’re looking to date a quality woman, you’ll have to make sure you fit the bill. In this article, we’ll discuss what women generally look for in a relationship and how you can be the man she’s been waiting for her entire life.

What Women Want in a Man

There’s a notion that women want bad boys. For sure, there are women out there who want some level of toxicity and drama in their relationships, but for the most part, women do not want bad boys.

The reality is that most of everything a woman wants is already in you, or at least needs to be put to the fore. These things don’t require you to overhaul your personality, but rather focus on the little things that matter to women.

So lose the idea that you have to totally change your image and gain some sort of notoriety.

Don’t be fooled, women want to be with a real man. But that doesn’t involve being mean and stubborn either. Sure, bad boys are attractive. But that’s because they have some of the following characteristics that you can easily show:

1. Confidence

Chief among these traits is confidence. Women want a man who believes in himself and knows what he wants in life and who he is as a person. This does not mean they want someone who’s egotistical. What they want is a man who is self-assured, not completely in love with himself.

One of the key identifiers of a confident man is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He will do his best. He doesn’t let failure, or success, get to his head. He knows he only has one life to live, so there’s no use not giving his best shot.

2. Assertiveness

Related to that is assertiveness. They want a man with a plan. They don’t want a guy who, when asking them out, is going to conduct an interview to find the best place to take her. They want a guy who already knows where to take her.

A woman wearing sunglasses at night.
Women look for men who aren’t afraid to make decisions and stand by them.

Basically, while he may not order for her because he’s a gentleman, he knows which restaurant he’s taking her to. A woman wants a man who leads, but doesn’t drag her to anything.

3. Chivalry

Another trait that women love in a man is chivalry. They want a man who’s going to treat them like a lady. They want someone who’s going to hold doors open for them. They want a guy who knows what the sidewalk rule is, which is making sure that she walks on the safe side with him in between her and the street. That’s supposed to keep her safe in the event that a car jumps the curb.

4. Someone She Can Trust

Do you know what a mature woman wants in a relationship above the ones we mentioned? She wants someone she can trust with all her heart. This doesn’t just mean that she can trust him not to have a wandering eye, but that she can trust him to keep her safe.

This means not hurting her, emotionally or physically. This means that she can be the worst version of herself around him and he’ll still be able to love her through it.

5. Emotional Availability

What a woman wants in a man, especially if she’s looking for a long-term relationship, is emotional availability. They want a man who’s going to let her in, who’s going to be vulnerable around her.

Why? Because it’s intimate. Because being vulnerable is a sign that he’s well and truly invested in the relationship and that he trusts her implicitly. It also signals that he’s not playing games or stringing her along. It means that he’s in a place where he wants to start something real with her.

6. Physical Strength

What does a woman want in a man physically? Lots of women also want a guy who’s got some physical strength, at least enough to open jars. Opening jars is the primary reason why women need men. Kidding aside, men have to compliment women with their natural gifts — physical strength and endurance being two of them.

A man has to be able to serve his woman, and vice versa. You don’t necessarily have to use your muscles, but you will need to do things like drive the car, repair the room, carry the groceries, and so on. She’ll need you to do these things, and you’ll need her for others.

A woman looking at the camera.
Why do women need men? Knowing the answer is key to attracting your ideal mate.

Here’s What Women Want Above All Else!

When trying to decipher what women want, men tend to put a microscope on certain things. Is it the way they smell? The slight stutter? Is he too short? And a plethora of benign issues.

Yes, some women can be overly picky, but then again you wouldn’t want that either.

But women can see something many men don’t — the big picture.

This means that a woman wants a man who is put together. He’s got health insurance and gainful employment.

Having his life together doesn’t mean just having a job and an apartment or a house. It means that he knows how to do the dishes, fold laundry properly, and keep house. It means he knows how to cook something that’s not a prepacked microwave or comes out of a can.

It also means that he decorates his space with something other than empty liquor bottles, action figures, or action movie posters. It means he has an actual couch and not just a chair placed in front of a television and his place is decorated by more than a game console.

It means that he’s financially literate and that he invests his money into more than just a gaming PC with a light-up keyboard. Instead, he’s got a retirement account because he’s smart enough to plan for the future.

It might also mean that he has a bookshelf and has read something longer than a tweet in the past year. In fact, a lot of women like a man who is well-read and it’s a green flag for a lot of women if he’s read books written by women.

So what women look for in men isn’t all that complicated. They just want a confident guy who knows what he wants, is emotionally available, and has his life together. It’d also help if he treats her like royalty

In short, what women want in a partner is a good man who can be a good life partner, someone she can raise kids and grow old with. It’s not exactly hard to be that kind of man. All things considered, you’re already that guy.

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