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Cultural Diversity : Intercultural Marriages Are Changing the World

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With the rise in popularity of online dating sites and international matchmaking services, the number of intercultural marriages have also been rising. This has opened a new dynamic in dating and marriage that quite frankly, was difficult and not viable before.

Essentially singles have the opportunity to meet people abroad without having to leave the borders of their own locale. Due to the ease of access and the wide possibilities that international dating offers today, more and more singles are turning to international matchmaking.

With international dating comes the exchange of cultures between couples. Just like any other marriage, what binds couples together are their values and their shared vision of life and where they want to be in the marriage.

Having varying cultural identities and notable traits may be a challenge, especially when the marriage is in its infancy, but the majority of intercultural couples work through it. Studies have shown that interracial couples, especially couples involving asian women, are less likely to end in divorce.

So how are intercultural marriages changing the world? We will explore the factors within intercultural marriages that are changing the dating scene, but also how intercultural marriages help in cultural diversity and alternate perspectives from cultural exchanges help in understanding our own cultural influences.

Increased number of potential partners

A number of singles who have turned to international matchmaking services to find partners report a lack of options within their own borders. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the number of singles are dwindling, instead it means that they are finding it harder to find and identify potential partners due to the changing outlook on dating nowadays.

The current trend in modern dating has been leaning more towards the hookup culture, most commonly observed with millennials.A majority of singles who have availed of international matchmaking services are looking for long term commitments and thus find it hard to find mates around their vicinity.

International dating offered by matchmaking agencies opens up more opportunities for finding the right partner. This will also mean that you will be exposed to different cultures as you are in the process of finding potential partners. The different customs and traditions may have similarities to your own, but oftentimes these foreign contrast yours in more ways than one.

Common challenges with intercultural marriages

Perhaps the most difficult challenge, one that will usually have a lasting impact throughout the marriage, is cultural differences. Cultures vary greatly across nations, and it is very evident around the Eastern and Western corners of the globe. Cultural adaptation is a constant challenge, even years into an international marriage.

The most common challenge when it comes to intercultural marriages is finding a shared sense of cultural identity. There are two main theories on how best to adapt to a foreign culture; Cultural Assimilation and Biculturalism

The characteristics of Cultural Assimilation are essentially conforming to another culture. This means that you take a cultural identity and set of social norms of a foreign culture over your own. You will adapt to the behaviour, values, and beliefs; and for some, they will even adopt the local language.

Biculturalism is the coexistence of two very distinct cultures. This means that you adapt to the sociocultural norms of the foreign environment whilst maintaining your own cultural identity. Biculturalism has been known to improve cultural diversity in a society.

Collectively, culture is an important thing to consider when it comes to interracial and intercultural marriages. It may be an exciting venture for those who are seeking lasting love, but one must also be able to adapt, understand, respect, and be patient with whatever differences there are - cultural or otherwise.

Exchange of customs and traditions

The exchange in customs and traditions have benefited a lot from intercultural marriages. In an intercultural marriage, both the husband and wife would usually have the dilemma of deciding whether the foreign national will culturally assimilate into society or adopt multiculturalism. Multiculturalism essentially means that the person retains their personal cultural backgrounds, but also adopts the culture of the society they’re living in.

Cultural exchanges aid and promote cultural diversity in a given society. This provides an opportunity to explore and appreciate other cultures, traditions, customs, and beliefs. By understanding other customs and our differences from others, we get to know our own cultures even more. Cultural exchanges are opportunities and windows for self-awareness.

Improves cultural diversity in society

What is Cultural Diversity and why is it important?

Cultural Diversity essentially means that a certain community accommodates multiple cultures at a given time. This is beneficial since a society with multiple cultural identities has the ability to exchange values and traditions unique to their respective customs.

Intercultural marriages have aided cultural diversity around the world. Since the rise in interracial marriages, incidences of racism and discrimination have lessened around the world.

Globalization is said to hurt cultural diversity, and this is evident in societies where discrimination is still present. The rapid globalization has led to monocultures in some regions and is resulting in cultural decay.

Another benefit of cultural diversity in a community is lessening instances of language barriers. It is difficult to fully quantify the diversity in culture for a specific society, however one metric that sociologists use is the number of languages present in a given society.

In the most culturally diverse communities,where an average of more than 20 languages are spoken (native or near native levels for each language), there were no reported cases of significant language barriers in the community. In fact, communities adapt to the diversity in language and end up learning multiple languages.

There have been many ways to improve cultural diversity. Back then, immigration used to be the best way to introduce new cultures into the community. Canada is an example of this as they have an annual target for the number of immigrants they want to invite in. These days, international marriages have been contributing to cultural diversity all over.

Diversity makes the world beautiful. Diversity precedes unity, as an understanding and shared respect between cultures allows for better cohabitation within society. Cultural diversity will also allow us to let go of common stereotypes. “Arabs are terrorists”, “Indians have poor hygiene”.

These are common stereotypes and we have to let them go especially with intercultural marriages. They are not true and they paint other cultures in the wrong light. Just because foreign cultures don’t resemble yours, doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful. Unity, not uniformity.

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