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Will Philippine Women Marry Men for Their Money?

A photo of a woman holding money
Do you believe people only marry for love, or do they marry for something else?

Is getting married a sensible decision, or an emotional one?

Or perhaps, is it both?

What comes to mind when you hear about interracial couples marrying? What if one of them comes from a developing country?

To say the least, people's views on the subject are mixed throughout the Philippines. For international men hoping for a long-term romance, the country has become one of the most preferred locations. While the number of Filipino women marrying foreign men is on the rise, so is the disparity in society's views on the arrangement.

Some point fingers and assume that these couples did not marry for love. The main suspects for this assumption are money, personal gain, and so on.

However, is this true?

Who and Why Women Marry

Marriage is usually thought of as a universal agreement in which people say their vows and put on their rings solely for the sake of love, and only love. However, the truth is that there are numerous more reasons why people marry. Some people do it for the sake of love or companionship, while others do it to get legal rights and benefits.

In a 2013 survey, nine out of ten Americans (or 88%) indicated that love is the most important reason to marry. While this covers the majority of the survey responses, a few people mentioned alternative reasons for marriage that they believe are equally significant, such as legal benefits, companionship, and financial security.

Based on the findings of this study, we can confidently assume that most women marry only for love. They are romantics who have long fantasized about having a family or are dreamers who aspire to love and be loved.

But no matter how much they believe in romance, women will still be women.

For example, in an evolutionary perspective, when their roles were limited to staying at home to take care of their houses and children, and gathering food, women preferred men who could protect them and provide for them. The desire for providers and protectors has always been in the nature of women – a survival instinct.

A guy who could hunt, gather food, and build shelter was the most prized in a tribe. This tribal instinct has persisted to the present day, with women preferring — consciously or unconsciously – males with hunter-gatherer-warrior characteristics.

Women's survival strategies have an impact on who they marry. The same can be said to Philippine women.

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There's a common belief among Filipinos that Filipino women marry foreign men for money.

Foreign-Filipina marriage

Marriage should ideally be done out of love. But, unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves in situations when we must choose between our principles and our realities. While most Filipinas have the freedom to choose who they marry, some will marry men who can help them improve their financial status.

When people encounter a foreign-Filipina pair, money is unquestionably one of the first things that springs to mind. And, in many circumstances, this is correct.

Despite the bad public perception, some Filipinos have gotten so accustomed to those who marry for money that some parents will even push their children to do so. This is because being a foreigner represents more wealth and, in some ways, superiority over Filipinos.

Is it wrong to marry for money? Especially in the Philippines, where work prospects and options for a better living remain limited. In fact, according to a Country Gender Assessment survey, this lack of opportunity is what drives them to marry foreign men in order to support their families.

However, it is important not to confuse the act of seeking for a better life with pure greed and selfishness. Most Filipinas simply want to put food on the table, send their children to school, and have just enough money to look after their loved ones.

Few Filipino women aspire to be billionaires, sports car drivers, or mansions with more bathrooms than a shopping mall.

Living in confined quarters, not being able to afford adequate healthcare, and being unable to care for their elderly parents are all things that Filipino women wish to escape. When they encounter a man who can assist her with all of this, they offer him all they have - heart, mind, and soul.

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Can these stereotypes be applicable to long term relationships?

Addressing the stereotype

It's all too tempting to think that Filipino women only marry foreign men for the money, and this is exactly what the media frequently portrays. Especially considering how reality shows and interviews have influenced our perceptions of them by portraying them as gold-diggers.

Besides, Filipinos and foreigners are so different, and seeing them together is such a rare sight that suspicions immediately arise in people's thoughts. They usually perceive individuals who are with foreigners as ambitious, with a goal in mind – usually material – that they wish to attain with the man's support.

To be absolutely honest with you, this may be true at first.

As previously said, it is possible that Filipinas perceive foreigners as a way out of their difficult circumstances. If you've contacted out and indicated interest in them, this is one of the reasons for them to consider your affection.

While this may be true, these relationships should not be viewed solely in terms of black and white. That isn't to say it's the only thing they're thinking about. It doesn't mean it's the only reason they've decided to commit to you. And absolutely not enough to dismiss that they too marry for love.

Sure, it's one of the numerous reasons they started dating you, but it's far from the only reason they'll stay in a long term relationship with you. Commitment won't last if it's based just on self-serving motives. No woman will choose to stay in a relationship if there is no emotional connection.

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