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Best Place in the Philippines to Find a Wife: Meet Joandel from Cebu

Looking for the love of your life? Many Filipinas are searching for the same thing.

Get to know one of these Filipino single women in the best place in the Philippines to find a wife.

Joandel, from Cebu, Philippines, shares with us her hopes of finding that lifetime partner. A single mom with 2 kids, she describes herself as “a Filipina with a good heart.”

She loves cooking and lives with her parents and children in the countryside, four hours away from the capital city.

“I was not married. [I’m] single [and] still hoping to find someone to get married one day,” she says, explaining why she joined AFA. “I really wanted to find someone like a partner in life, a companion that would stay with me through good and bad.”

Philippine single ladies truly have a great desire for marriage and family. This is an advantage and encouragement for men going to the Philippines to find a wife.

At 34 years old, she is seriously looking for a foreign man to marry. “I’m not getting young anymore. It’s still not late that maybe one day I would get to meet a man who would settle down, and create a family.” She adds, “[to] raise my children well and get a good education so they can have a good future.”

A Philippine woman in yellow smiling beautifully
Joandel comes from Cebu, the best place in the Philippines to find a wife.

Talking about what he likes in a man, Joandel says age, money, and appearance are not important.

Though she doesn’t prefer a younger man, she believes that “age is only a number.” She imagines herself more with someone 40 years and older.

She is also not looking for someone wealthy. “He doesn’t need to be rich as long as he can provide our daily needs.” She explains, “Money is also a need in our daily life because we also need to survive but it doesn’t mean I need to find someone who is really rich.”

Finally, she is the kind of woman who gets attracted to one’s personality more than his appearance. “He doesn’t have to be like Brad Pitt because it’s still useless if the appearance is really good but the personality is so bad.”

Though Joandel has spent all of her life in Cebu, the best place to find a wife in the Philippines, she is willing to leave that place to be with her man. “It doesn’t really matter where I live. If ever I find a man who wants to live here in the Philippines, that’s okay with me. If ever he wants me to migrate to another country, that’s also fine with me.”

Relocating to a foreign country is challenging but she is not afraid. “I guess if you have your partner in life who will help you adjust to the culture, the weather, and he’s there with you, I think it’s easy to adjust.”

She is also open to having more kids with her future husband. “If ever one day I will meet someone who would want more kids, then that’s okay with me. And if not, that’s also okay because I already have kids,” she says.

Joandel is truly eager to meet the man of her dreams and start living life together. “To the man who I’m going to marry, you better come here to the Philippines.” She continues, “Spend time with me and get to know me better and experience our culture. And I know you would love it and you would like to create a family with me.”

If you are looking to find a woman like Joandel, then you know that Cebu is the best city in the Philippines to find a wife for you.

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