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Chat with Filipinas: What Philippine Women Think of Love

Curious about that beautiful Filipina who has captured your heart?

Getting to know a person goes beyond recognizing her name and face. A chat with Filipinas would tell you they have rich personalities that love deeply.

Understanding her more profoundly will help you win her heart and make your relationship strong and secure.

We’ve asked one Filipina from our Philippines matchmaking agency, to give us a peek into a Filipina’s heart and thoughts on love.

Thoughts on Love

Anna Marie, a young Filipina looking for a serious relationship through our dating agency in the Philippines, shares that love is a commitment. “Love means respect, commitment, faithfulness, being honest with each other. It is not just feeling butterflies. You are dealing with a person you’re committed to.”

To succeed in love, she sees respect and communication as important elements of a relationship.

“It’s not about the other person giving me something. It’s about the respect that he has for you as a woman,” she says, adding that respect is crucial when dealing with your differences and supporting each others’ goals in life.

Communication, on the other hand, goes together with commitment. “Building commitment is like doing communication. When you don’t like what he does, you need to tell him.” Anna Marie continues, “You need to be honest with yourself. Talk about it. Your partner may have tough times at his job that you can talk [about]. You need to know how he is.”

According to Anna Marie, knowing each other’s love language is also essential in deepening and sustaining your relationship. “There is a love language that is giving, service, or physical [touch].” Love is not just giving gifts but doing so is a way to show your love.

A white man in a chat with Filipinas
Chat with Filipinas in person and you will know their beautiful hearts beyond their pretty face.

Long-Term Goals

When thinking of long-term goals, Anna Marie has a responsible outlook on marriage, moving into a foreign country, and having children.

“I can build a career for myself. I can have money. I can have a good life. But the thing is you are looking for your lifetime partner and that is a commitment.” Her wish is to “love a man that can marry me and will spend the rest of his life with me through ups and downs.”

This is precisely what Anna Marie, one of many Cebu singles, likes about foreign men. They are “really committed. They support you if you have dreams.” She adds, “They are very responsible. They show that in their action. For them, a promise is really valuable.”

If marriage would mean living in another country, Anna Marie’s concern is finding her place in a foreign land. “I need to figure out what career I can build there. I need to work on myself as well. I will not rely on my future husband.”

And when it comes to building a family, she takes raising children seriously. “You’re not raising animals. You need to be responsible to take care of them, teach them, and guide them so they will become good persons.” For her, it is important that they “have a good education, have savings for them to have a good future.”

Meet Her in Person

Filipinas have deep values and interests especially when it comes to love and relationships. A live chat online with a Filipina is fun and interesting but seeing her in person will better show you who she really is and what she cares for.

Our matchmaking site offers you Philippine dating tours to make that possible for you. We organize Singles Tours and Socials throughout the year.

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