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Davao: The Best Place for Singles in the Philippines

Love can make people do things they never thought they’d do. For some, it’s flying a thousand miles away from home to search for their soulmate.

You may think it’s absurd, but it’s true. International romances are a thing, and they’re a lot more exciting than dating someone in your neighborhood.

Philippine Dating Tour

Do you want to take your romantic journey to a faraway land? Consider traveling to the Philippines.

This Southeast Asian country has something for everybody. When touring the country, we recommend following your Philippine tour guide’s advice on must-see places.

The Philippines is one of the best places for both travel and romance. Its people are just as attractive as its sights. Imagine meeting a beautiful stranger while lounging on the beach!

Are you in search of a place to find your lover? Davao is your best bet. We’ll show why it’s the best place for singles in the Philippines.

Meet Beautiful Women in Davao

There’s something in the Davao air that keeps tourists coming back for more. Is it the sights? The laid-back pace of life? Perhaps it’s the mild and pleasant climate. Or could it be the people?

For some men, Davao’s beautiful women alone are worth going on the Philippine dating tour.

Their beauty isn’t skin deep. Their personalities play a part in their attractiveness too. Thanks to their warmth and optimism, people pay attention and stick around. Being in their presence leaves a comfortable feeling.

Filipino women in Davao are among the most coveted in Asia; just look at the many foreign men choosing to marry them! The combination of their warm smiles and sunkissed complexions is enough to make any gentleman notice them.

What are local women looking for in a partner? We spoke with two ladies to get an idea of their preferences.

Mary Louise

Mary Louise enjoys cooking, especially Filipino food. She is a fan of Japanese food. Mary Louise has had her share of unsuccessful relationships. Still, she hasn’t lost hope in finding her true love. “I’m looking forward to a better relationship where I can say that I will be with him forever,” she shares.

Woman posing on a pier
Women like Elvie and Mary Louise make Davao the best place for singles in the Philippines.

For Mary Louise, money is a non-issue. She says she’s fine with having a job, believing herself to be a responsible adult. She prioritizes a potential partner’s respect and love and greatly enjoys the talking stage in relationships.

“I suggest that you come and visit me to get to know me better. Come see Davao,” she says.


Elvie currently works as a sales executive in a deluxe Davao hotel. She loves her 14-year-old job and is quite content with her life. She enjoys outdoor activities and prides herself on being a dynamic person.

When it comes to her romantic preferences, Elvie doesn’t ask for much. “I’m looking for a guy who’s willing to be with me for the rest of his life because I firmly believe we deserve to be happy, to love, and to be loved,” she shares.

Mary Louise and Elvie are just two among the many Davao women worth your time and attention. Men can take Philippine vacations for singles to see these ladies up close.

Why Choose Philippine Women?

If you want to meet women like Mary Louise and Elvie, we’re the best people to reach out to. We make sure you meet real women who are just as passionate as you are about finding love.

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