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A Filipina Looking for Men Like You | A Dating Story

“I am serious about finding a man because I feel so lonely.”

This was one lady’s answer when asked why she was looking for a foreign man—an answer that resonates with a growing number of women around the world.

Meet Hermilyn: a Filipina looking for men who are serious about commitment. She’s a single mother to her seven-year-old son.

Hermilyn currently works as a customer representative at a BPO company and wants to open her own business. Her hobbies include gardening, landscaping, cooking, and playing games like badminton and volleyball with her son.

Hermilyn may be happy in her life, but she feels something is lacking. “I believe that we are all looking for a partner. There’s something missing in our lives. We need other things that make us happy and someone to share that with,” she says.

Not everyone can admit they’re lonely like Hermilyn. There’s a social stigma attached to loneliness because people often think it’s their fault they’re in their situation. Many also think loneliness is a sign of weakness and vulnerability because they’re alone.

But Hermilyn bravely acknowledges her feelings. She believes being honest is better than holding back her feelings.

Open Your Heart to Filipino Women

Like Hermilyn, many single women from the Philippines are upfront about looking for true love. These women are open to dating people outside their homeland for various reasons; some can’t find local men they’re compatible with, while others simply want to explore beyond their local dating scene.

Filipino women aren’t just pretty faces with warm smiles. Like you, they want lifelong partners who’ll fully accept them, flaws and all. Physical appearance may be an attractor, but it’s not a determining factor. “We’re all getting old. Our attractiveness will fade as we get older,” Hermilyn shares.

Two women posing at a socials event
A Filipina looking for men like you may be closer than you think.

Money isn’t an issue for Filipino women, so you shouldn’t worry about materialistic matches. They instead prioritize trust and acceptance. In Hermilyn’s case, she wants a man who’s not only willing to accept her but her son as well.

A gentleman like you won’t regret being with a Filipina. Women like Hermilyn make for great partners because of their family-oriented outlook, loyalty, and friendly nature.

Where to Meet Filipino Women

Where can you meet women from the Philippines?

Our answer: go online! The best thing about going online is that distance doesn’t matter. You can connect with just about anyone from any corner of the globe. It’s more convenient and less intimidating to message someone online rather than walk and approach someone on the streets.

A dating site like Philippine Women is the best place to meet Filipinas. Signing up is easy because of our hassle-free process. And the best part: registration is 100% free. You have the option to write letters or have long-distance conversations.

Do you want an in-person approach? Join our tours! They’re the best way to meet Filipinas because you’ll have closer interactions. We have individual and group options that fit your preferences.

Women like Hermilyn await romantic men like you. Don’t be afraid to open your hearts to Filipinas.

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