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Why Filipina Women Are Looking for a Foreign Husband

“Foreigners are passionate, sweet, loving, and understanding…”

Mayramie is one of many accomplished Filipino women looking for a foreign husband. The 35-year old Filipina beauty is a human resource officer and marketing manager for a private company, which deploys Filipinos abroad.

Having never been married, she’s now seeking the man of her dreams to share her life with.

“I’m looking for my long dream, future, perfect man…I don’t have any children, but I am looking forward [to having some with my future husband].”

Mayramie shared her reasons for joining one of our socials, “I joined to find my perfect man, my real husband, [that I’ve been waiting to] see for life.”

She revealed that she never had a good partner, nor were there many men who caught her interest. Those Filipinos who showed interest never amounted to a meaningful relationship.

“Maybe I could try foreigners [who would] love me…”

Mayramie is set on finding the man of her dreams, the one she's been waiting for her
Mayramie is set on finding the man of her dreams, the one she's been waiting for her

“I’m seeking a foreign man…who would [make me] a better person, [who] could love me…And maybe we could understand each other…” she continued.

She’s hoping to find a foreign man whom she can build a special relationship with, so they can be good a husband and wife. For her, foreigners have the special traits she’s looking for in a man.

“Foreigners are passionate, sweet, loving, and understanding…”

Mayramie is not one to rely on her future husband for financial support. She has her own dreams and goals, and she is determined to achieve them. She is not afraid to work hard and put in the effort to make her dreams a reality.

“I would be a successful businesswoman [and] career woman with my husband and my kids, and we will travel around the world.”

She also doesn’t care about looks, “Appearance does not matter [to] me, as long as we are compatible and comfortable [with] each other…we love each other…”

When asked to describe her ideal man, she says: “I would like him to be very soft, passionate, loving, caring, understanding, [and will] accept me [for] who I am.”

“I don’t care [what or who] he is before…I would like to be open-minded,” she added.

Money is not a major factor for Mayramie when it comes to choosing a partner. She believes that as long as she and her future husband are able to provide for the needs of their future family, then money is not an issue.

“Money [does not matter] as long as we can survive…we can support [the needs of] our family and kids…[we] can send them to school…It doesn’t matter at all.”

She also doesn’t see age as an issue in a relationship. What matters to her is that she is able to connect with her partner on a personal level and that they are able to enjoy each other’s company.

“Age does not matter as long as he is comfortable with me and I’m with him, it’s fine.”

When it comes to physical intimacy, she believes that it is an important part of a healthy relationship, “In my opinion, intimacy is one aspect of your relationship, so I think it is important as a couple…”

She is proud to have the qualities of a wife-material Filipina and believes that she will be a good partner, “As [Filipinas], we are known to be…humble and [we like to serve our husband]…I’m not a great cook but I can cook for him.”

Mayramie has this message for her future husband:

“Come and visit me, and you can write me a letter…here in Davao City…I will be expecting [for] you…”

How to Find a Filipino Woman to Marry

A considerable number of Filipino women are setting their sights on foreign men as potential husbands. Foreigners are seen to be more passionate and caring, which makes them a good choice for Filipina women looking for marriage.

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