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Filipinas Reveal Their Age Preference | Intergenerational Dating

“I prefer the [guy to be] 50 to 75.”

Nezel is a 29-year-old Filipina from Samal Island, a pristine tourist destination in Davao, Philippines. She doesn’t see age as a hindrance to building relationships. For her, there are many factors to consider other than age.

As someone who works for an environmental group in their region, she prefers someone who is a nature lover like her.

“I really like nature. I prefer…to stay in the countryside than in the city.”

Nezel is also a happy person who wants someone who can tickle her funny bone and keep the mood light.

“I want a [joker man]. I don’t like [someone who is] very serious. I like [someone who is] jolly, that you can be [comfortable with] each other.”

When asked about her age preference, Nezel was honest about her preference for older gentlemen.

Nezel believes that there are other more important factors to consider than age in a relationship.
Nezel believes that there are other more important factors to consider than age in a relationship.

And because she’s never had a child of her own, she wants someone who wants to have a family with her., “I don’t have [a baby] yet…I would like to have at least one or two kids.”

She also has a moderate view about the role of money in the relationship, “Yes, it’s important. But for me, enough is enough…I don’t like to have a [super rich guy]. I prefer the simple one.”

Just like any normal relationship, she values quality time together with her partner, “To me, intimacy is very important. I am a clingy person, so I need the guy to be [as] clingy.”

In her last message, Nezel specifically describes the guy she wants to meet, “[I want] the guy to be interested in me, who can contact me or visit me…”

“Age doesn’t matter as long as we get connected…”

Kristel is another Filipina who is hoping to find her future partner through our socials. She is 30 years old from Davao del Norte and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology graduate. She is the eldest of five siblings.

“I am a family-oriented woman. I live with my family and we have [pets] at home.”

Kristel is adventurous and free-spirited. When she isn’t at work, she travels, goes to beaches and waterfalls, and hikes, all to destress from the hustle and bustle of life.

Like other women in the socials, her experiences with Filipino men weren’t the best. She joined one of our socials in the hope of finding a foreigner to be her life partner.

“Because of my failed relationships [with] locals, [I want to] try to have a relationship with a foreign man.”

Kristel values connection and affection more than she does the age difference.
Kristel values connection and affection more than she does the age difference.

She believes in looking beyond physical appearances. “Appearance is not important, as long as we get connected to each other, we have the same vibes…”

Kristel emphasizes the importance of money, but she believes that life is more than just about making money, “Money is important to me, but I don’t need… too much money as long as we [have] money to survive in our…daily lives.”

She added that chemistry is more important than age, stating “For me, age doesn’t matter as long as we get connected, we have the same vibes, [connection, and affection]. Intimacy is important because it helps the relationship grow [stronger].”

“To my future husband, let us be lucky [for] each other. Come here in Davao City. Meet me. And who knows, we’ll be the perfect match…”

How to Find Single Filipinas Like Nezel and Kristel

Intergenerational dating is becoming increasingly common no matter where you go. It’s even more common in interracial age-gap relationships. And finding someone within your age preference is more convenient with the number of intergenerational dating sites on the internet.

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