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“I’m not considering myself as a desperate girl, because I am willing to wait.”

Even at 18 years old, Jenny Marie knows her worth. She hopes to find a foreign man to love but she’s taking it slow.

Despite her young age, she already knows what she wants in a man — someone responsible who will take care of her in the future.

And forget about the notion that she’s only in it for the money. Like most Filipino women, she has great dreams of her own.

“My ambition someday is to become a professional singer and at the same time, a professional teacher.”

She joined one of the socials to begin her journey of finding the man of her dreams. She didn’t expect anything extraordinary to happen, but she definitely had the best time.

Jenny Marie may not have a lot of experience with foreign men, but she values compatibility. She wants someone who shares her values and ideals and who will accept her as she is.

I am speaking [to] a foreign man because I want to know about him and maybe we are [compatible] with each other.”

“God’s will, [I want] a foreign man who loves truly about me, “ she continued.

One may ask why Jenny Marie is looking to date a foreigner when there are plenty of Filipino men out there. But like the many Filipino women joining the socials, she’s had her fair share of negative experiences with Filipino men.

“I don’t date a Filipino man. That is not my goal. That is not my dream.”

“I know already their attitudes. Sometimes, they are not serious with women,” she said with conviction.

Jenny is also family-oriented, a trait that many Western men look for. She has a strong connection with her family and appreciates their role in her life.

“Family is important to me. If there is no family, I am nothing.”

Jenny Marie is young, but she has a clear idea of the qualities she is looking for in a partner.
Jenny Marie is young, but she has a clear idea of the qualities she is looking for in a partner.

When it comes to the dilemma of choosing between love and money, Jenny Marie stands out in her perspective. She is sure of her choice and what matters most.

“If you love someone, money is not important. The [important thing] is the love for each other.”

And compared to most girls in her age group, she’s not the type to focus on physical appearance. She’s more particular with what’s inside.

“Physical appearance for me is not important. I’m looking for the attitude of the man.”

Dating a man older than her is not also an issue for Jenny Marie. She’s open to dating someone older than her as long as he genuinely loves her and is responsible.

She describes what she looks for in an older man, “The older man who loves me, who can handle a relationship very well, [and] a responsible one.”

Moreover, she doesn’t have problems moving to another country, but it’s not something that she considers essential. She’s a woman of principle and she makes sure not to come out as desperate.

“I’m not considering myself as a desperate girl, because I am willing to wait.”

How to Meet Genuine Filipinas Like Jenny Marie

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