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How to Find a Good Wife in the Philippines | A Success Story

“I’m so happy right now because I’ve already found my better half.”

Finding your soulmate isn’t a destination on a map. It’s a path that you have to forge yourself, all while facing the ups and downs of life. Sometimes, you’ll find love in the most unexpected places. And once you do, you’ll realize that it was worth the search.

Bryce, an American man from Texas, and Johnah, a Filipina from Cebu, never expected to find each other, but they did. After meeting each other on, they sent letters and communicated through the site before finally meeting in person.

“I have been in communication with Johnah for two years. I feel great about it. She’s very kind, sweet, loving, and caring, and she’s perfect for me,” Bryce shared.

“It’s a really good feeling…It took us a while. We’d have probably been together a lot sooner…It just feels really good to finally be together,” Bryce continued.

Our local Philippine-Women matchmaker played Cupid by first getting in touch with Johnah about a message from Bryce. From then on, they continued their communication and developed their relationship.

After a long wait, Bryce and Johnah finally found each other.
After a long wait, Bryce and Johnah finally found each other.

Johnah says, “It was really good, meeting with a foreign guy. At first, it was a little bit awkward…”

“I really don’t know how to speak English well, but I tried so hard…to express my thoughts that I am pure, truthful, and faithful to him,” she continued.

She beamed with happiness as she shared her emotions about finding and finally marrying the love of her life, “I’m so happy right now because I’ve already [found] my better half.”

“And it was so good, I cannot express myself. I am just so happy,” she added with overflowing joy.

Bryce and Johnah have some advice for people who want to find their soulmate:

Bryce says, “Come to the Philippines and meet the women you’ve been in communication with…get over here and meet her in person.”

And finally, Johnah has some advice for the ladies, “For the women, If you find a man, you need to be real, truthful.”

How to Find a Good Wife in the Philippines

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Love won’t come knocking on your door. You need to take action to find it. If you plan on going to the Philippines to find a wife, make use of our service and we can help you make that happen.

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