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What Going to the Philippines to Find a Wife Is Really Like

Would you consider going to the Philippines to find a wife?

Many men from all around the world, however, don’t know much about Filipinas and what it is like to date them. They may understand that Filipino culture has made many Filipinas traditional and family-oriented, but they don’t know the nuances of dating a Filipina woman, so they won’t know how to find a good wife in the Philippines.

There’s a notion that finding a wife in the Philippines, especially if you’re a foreign man, is as simple as showing up and throwing some money around. That’s not the case.

What is the reality of dating Filipina women?

Here are three women from Cebu City, potentially the best place to find a wife in the Philippines, who can shed some light on the reality of Filipinas and foreigners dating.

Men and women dancing with each other.
Let Filipinas tell you what going to the Philippines to find a wife is really like.

What these Filipinas want in a man

Helen, a single mom with two grown kids and who works in a mall is attracted to a patient, responsible man with a good heart and is looking to start a family.

Kimberly, a 20-year-old who works in a mall, echoes a similar sentiment. She wants a foreign man who is kind and loving. She also wants a man who is respectful.

Maria Fe, a 48-year-old widow who works as an emergency responder, wants a man who is faithful, respectful, and will love her for who she is.

So the notion that Filipina women only care about looks and money has been shot down by these three real-life Filipina women. So if you’re looking to learn how to find a woman in the Philippines, you should probably listen to Helen, Kimberly, and Maria Fe.

There’s also a notion that Filipina women want to marry foreign guys so they can get green cards and relocate. Is there any truth to this notion? Or would they be happy with men who relocate to Cebu? Well, they all say no. They just want someone to love. As long as there’s understanding in the relationship.

What kind of dates do these women want to be taken out? Kimberly says she wants to get flowers on the date. Helen and Maria Fe both say that they want to be taken to the malls in Cebu, places where they can spend time with a man and get to know him.

What about kissing? Do Filipinas kiss on the first date? The short answer is no, there’s no kissing on the first date. Cebu is probably the best place in the Philippines to find a wife, but Cebuana women are shy and conservative.

But it does vary. Maria Fe says it’d be at least two weeks of dating before she kisses a man. For Helen, it’d depend on the connection she has with a guy and she’s open to kissing on the first date. Kimberly is similar to Helen in this regard, she’s willing to kiss on the first date given a strong enough connection.

So there you have, direct from the source. Guys who are going to the Philippines to find a wife, or strongly thinking about it, should listen to what Helen, Maria Fe, Kimberly, and other Filipinas have to say about dating them.

If you would like to connect with any or more of these beautiful women from Cebu, simply sign up for free and begin your international dating journey today!

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