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Dating in Your 40s: Meet Older Women Looking for Love in the Philippines

Profiles of older women looking for love
Re-enter the dating scene in your 40s! Get to meet these older women looking for love.

When you re-enter the dating scene at the age of 40, you’ll realize how limited the dating pool has become compared to when you were younger.

With singles in their 20s dominating the dating scene, it’s hard to find someone your age or older than you.

Moreover, for someone like you who wants to settle down, most women in their 20s aren’t looking for a serious relationship yet.

However, don’t feel as if you’ve missed your chance to find a partner.

With the help of the Internet, there is still a way for you to find love at 40.

These days, matchmaking sites like Philippine Women exist to help mature men and women connect.

So if you want to meet older women looking for love, take this as your sign of hope.

You may still have your reservations about whether these online matchmakers can help you find a compatible partner. But rest assured, trusting them will be worth it. Here’s why.

Love Over Material Possessions

A common concern for men trying to date in their 40s is falling in love with a woman who only wants them for their money.

However, mature older women on these matchmaking sites have stable careers of their own and are in it to find true love.

Loulyn (43), one of the ladies at Philippine Women, for example, places importance on love, care, and commitment rather than wealth.

The same goes for Ludy (46), a beautician who only wants to live a simple life with her future partner.

No Interest in Playing with Your Feelings

Unlike most younger women who only want the thrill of the chase, mature older ladies suggested by matchmakers want a serious relationship.

One example is Allena (41) from Philippine Women. Given her age, she clearly stated that she’s not in the dating scene to play games. Rather, she wants to find someone with whom she can be in a committed relationship.

Similarly, Jennifer (43), a housekeeping professional, wants to be with someone who values transparency just as much as she does.

Allena and Jennifer, mature older women from the Philippines
They want a serious relationship. Mature older women have no interest in playing with your feelings.

Acceptance Over Demand for Perfection

At the age of 40, you’ve already gone through many hardships in life. Because of this, it’s normal to carry with you several emotional complexities from past relationships or children from a previous marriage.

However, some mature older women are willing to accept you and the baggage you carry.

That’s because like you, these real mature singles have most likely experienced something similar. They know better than to demand perfection.

In return, they expect to be accepted despite their flaws as well.

Shannie (41), for example, desires a partner who appreciates her inner beauty and values love over the need for perfection.

Likewise, Sheila (40), a dining manager, is looking for a man who can stand by her through all the ups and downs.

Real Women Who Date to Marry

With online dating applications, you’re sure to come across various mature women personals.

But because these apps can’t filter out hundreds of profiles, they give you no assurance that a real woman is on the other side of the screen.

Instead, a likely scenario is that you’re falling victim to one of the many catfish scams on the Internet.

Matchmaking sites, however, conduct face-to-face interviews before creating profiles for the women. This means that you’re communicating with real women looking for men to be in a relationship with.

Moreover, these women willingly went through a thorough application process, showcasing their desire to find a man they can spend forever with.

Take for example Carolyn (45), Rechel (45), Precy (42), and Lorena (41) from the Philippines.

These four ladies went through the effort of trying to get their profiles up to meet a man with genuine intentions.

They hope that once they do, they’ll be able to build a friendship that will serve as the foundation of a loving relationship that leads to marriage.

Find Love at 40: Meet Older Women Looking for Love

On the Internet, you’ll find various advertisements with the headline, “Woman Seeking a Man for a Serious Relationship.”

However, not all of those are legit.

If you want to find love, try to meet mature older ladies suggested by a matchmaking site like Philippine Women.

Unlike other women seeking a relationship, these ladies do not want your money nor do they intend to make your feelings a pastime.

Like you, they want to find love even at the age of 40.

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