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One Man’s Journey with a Filipina Matchmaker

filipina with foreign man
A Filipina matchmaker can work magic on a person’s love life.

A Filipina matchmaker can get really busy with men from all over the world wanting to find a Filipina to be with.

So many of these men end up signing up with a dating agency in the Philippines to try their luck at being with a Filipina.

Angud, from Toronto, is one of the many foreign men who’ve come to a Filipino matchmaker to find the woman who might be his wife. He loves to travel and go on adventures. When he’s not doing either of those things, Angud works for his family business, wherein they test people’s hearts.

When it comes Angud’s heart, it’s been tested in its own way. This Philippines matchmaking agency is not his first foray into matchmaking. Far from it. Angud is of an Indian and Sri Lankan background. In those cultures, arranged marriages are not uncommon.

In fact, Angud was almost part of one. He was close to being married, but backed out because he found the process to be too transactional.

Wanting a woman to want him for him and not because her family picked him out, he began seeking true love and romance.

But it wasn’t just his desire for something genuine that pushed Angud towards consulting with the premier Philippine dating service. Tragedy struck his family when his uncle passed away from a heart attack.

That event made Angud realize that time was short and that he didn’t want to make any excuses about the way he lived his life. With his newfound appreciation for life, Angud decided to take the reins of his life into his own hands and find the love that he wanted.

He encountered the Philippine-Women matchmaking agency from videos on the internet and did a search, finding testimonials of men who’ve used the service in the past and found their ideal woman. He did his research, and looked up how the agency had been in business and its track record.

Convinced by the company’s track record of success, he signed up and in a month’s time, booked a spot on the Philippine tour.

Angud praised the event, saying it was well worth the cost, because even if he didn’t find anyone, the life experience of going on the tour and trying would have been enough. Angud says that he’s happy that he took the chance.

His experience on the trip was more than positive. Angud likes Filipino women. He finds them beautiful and down-to-earth and he found that the Filipino culture had similarities with his own. He felt secure that he was meeting good women because of how the agency screened them.

The screening process is one of many advantages that sets Philippine-Women apart from regular dating sites, where just about anyone can sign up anonymously. As Philippine-Women thoroughly vets the women who sign with them, clients have the confidence that they are meeting real women with real intentions.

If you want to take the same chance that Angud’s taken and try to find love with a Filipina matchmaker, then sign up now.

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