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Is the Philippines One of the Best Countries for Passport Bros?

Dating in 2023 is challenging. If you ask most people, they’d tell you the dating scene isn’t great—regardless of where they live. And because of that, some venture out from their local dating pools and go international.

Stuart, a former Marine Corps, is among these people. Because of following his heart, he found love in the Philippines.

You may have heard of situations similar to Stuart’s. A specific segment of men is trying to find romance like his. They call themselves “passport bros.”

The term “passport bros” refers to Western men traveling the world searching for foreign women. Here’s an interesting fact: the #passportbros hashtag has amassed more than 400 million TikTok views as of writing.

Seeing Stuart’s success may prompt some of you to ask this question: is the Philippines one of the best countries for passport bros?

Let’s find out.

The Discovery

Stuart had been searching for a life partner in his native United States. He tried his hardest but to no avail. “Being an older gentleman, I don’t go to clubs. I don’t do the ‘party’ thing. I was like, how do I start meeting women?”

Undeterred, Stuart continued his search. While scouring the internet, he found this site. He did his research and watched our videos.

Stuart liked what he saw. “The women want the same things I want. They want a man who’s going to be ready. That good stuff is exactly what I was looking for,” he says. Stuart was further convinced to try our service by some of his friends who were married to Filipinas because he saw how happy they were.

Our site’s extensive research didn’t go unnoticed by Stuart. “hey don’t just allow women to join up and go. They actually interviewed the women and they have a process they have to follow to show their true meaning or value of going to find men,” he shares.

And with that, he gave our service a go.

A Leap of Faith

Love is a risky thing. It can open up your heart while also leaving you vulnerable to heartbreak. This is why people think twice about pursuing the guy or girl of their dreams.

Couple posing in front of a tourist attraction
The local ladies are why some may consider the Philippines as one of the best countries for passport bros.

Stuart was initially hesitant about flying out to the Philippines. While at a layover in LA, he got nervous. “I’m about to fly over this ocean. 14, 15 hours to a place I have no familiarity with,” he admits.

This prompted him to call his family for some guidance. Stuart credits that phone call for strengthening his resolve. “If it weren’t for my dad, I would’ve turned around,” he says.

Thanks to his courage, Stuart made his way to the Philippines. He was told that his first day in the country would be relaxing since there weren’t any activities lined up until the socials. Stuart was also informed he could go on a date with local registered female users if he wanted to. Seeing his chance, he said yes.

And with that decision, Rose came into the picture. Our staff called and asked her if she wanted to go out with Stuart. She gamely said yes. Upon their first meeting, he could tell she was nervous.

Once the staff introduced Stuart and Rose to each other, there was no looking back from there. The happy couple are set to get married in mid-2024.

Is the Philippines a Passport Bro Country?

Success stories like Stuart’s prove that love transcends location or distance.

Is his story a win for the passport bro movement?

We can’t say for certain, but it is a win for real love. This story isn’t meant to disparage anyone. Stuart’s reasons for trying out international dating come from a place of love. “There’s good American women. I just wanted to try something different,” he says.

Stuart isn’t like the passport boys on the internet who perpetuate stereotypes. This story doesn’t insinuate stereotypes and false perceptions either. Stuart even pointed out his appreciation for Filipino women’s desire for great partners and happy families.

Passport bros in the Philippines can learn something from Stuart and Rose’s story. There’s nothing wrong with dating abroad. But if they want genuine and long-lasting love, they may need to change their mindset. Instead of looking at Filipino women as easy, they should see them beyond their physical features.

This story won’t teach you how to become a passport bro. Instead, it leaves a hopeful message for anyone looking for true love, even from a distance.

Do you want to write a similar love story? Join our site today! Registration won’t take much of your time and is 100% free.

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