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“Don’t Keep Me Waiting.” | A Pinay Single’s Request

Mary Russel is ready to give her forever to a foreign guy.
Mary Russel is ready to give her forever to a foreign guy.

“Please don’t keep me waiting. I’m waiting for you…”

Meet Mary Russel, a 32-year-old working Filipina who is smart, independent, and ready to marry the right foreign guy. She is just one of the many Filipinas seeking foreign men for marriage.

“That’s why I’m here, looking for the right person.”

She is currently working as a Customer Service Representative at one of the biggest BPO companies in Cebu. Coming from a large family with 11 siblings, she continues to keep her vibrant optimism despite the passing of her parents.

“I like [going] to the beach. I love [to] travel. I love people. I am also a friendly person.”

“I love [talking] to [strangers],” says Mary, who firmly believes in the importance of extending love not just to people who reciprocate her feelings but also to everyone.

Mary Russel is no stranger to relationships. Her previous six-year relationship with a Filipino man left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. This experience has led her to believe that a Filipino man may not be right for her.

“…I think a Filipino guy is not for me.”

This time, she believes that her “Mr. Right” could be a foreign guy.

“I’m seeking up a foreigner guy. I hope this year [through] social meetings, I can find someone who [will love me and] my family.”

Like so many Pinay singles, she wants to be with someone who shares her values, “I’m looking for a God-fearing person and also family-oriented…not the perfect one, but the right one.”

Mary is hopeful that soon, she will meet the man of her dreams.

“I hope this year I [get] married.”

“I hope those who will watch my video, we [will] have a chemistry…that’s very important to me. I hope that soon you [will] come here for me because I’m waiting,” she added.

Mary Russel may be excited to meet the right one, but she stays grounded. Not wanting to lose her Filipino values, she hopes to be with someone who is open-minded and accepting of her culture and traditions.

“I’m looking for [a man] who always understands [your] situation, accepts who you are.”

One thing is for certain, she isn’t desperate. She wants to take things slowly but surely.

“Of course [we will get] to know each other first, so that we can tell if that person is for you.”

Being an independent woman, money isn’t an issue for Mary. She can earn her own money and doesn’t want to rely on her future husband for financial support.

“We need money, but then again for me, money is not very important.”

For her final message, Mary Russel has this to say to her future husband:

“I’m waiting for you…so please come here. We should love each other.”

How to Find a Smart & Independent Pinay Single

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