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The Reasons Filipinas Want Men to Meet Women in the Philippines

Why do men want to travel and meet women in the Philippines? For starters, the women there are beautiful, they are family-oriented, the culture raises them to be good wives and mothers, and they have traditional values. The list of reasons why they’re so desirable goes on and on.

But what about the women themselves? Why do they join Philippine-Women, the best Philippines matchmaking agency to date foreign men? Is it, as many naysayers would say, for money and a green card? Or is it, as Filipina personals themselves would attest, for a variety of reasons?

Mary Ann, a 28-year-old cashier from the northern part of Cebu who sees herself becoming a successful wife and a peaceful mother., joined the agency because she dreams of finding her true love. She wants respect in her relationship.

She wants a man who will respect her and a man that she will respect. This extends to religion as well, because the man’s religious background isn’t important to her. As long as he respects her beliefs, she’ll respect his.

She met a number of men at the Social, which might be the best place to meet Filipinas, and was struck by how kind and respectful the gentlemen were. It made her realize that she wants to marry a client of the agency.

She’s particularly enamored by foreign men because of how they treat Filipinas. In her experience, foreign men treated Filipinas as their whole world, that they saw Filipinas as princesses. That’s what she wants in a man; loyal and who has eyes only for her.

A man sitting at a table surrounded by women.
You know why men want to meet women in the Philippines. But is the feeling mutual?

Next, there’s Mary Hope, a 34-year-old who joined the agency because she dreams of meeting her future husband and partner in life. She wants the man that she meets to be loyal, family-oriented, and willing to accept her for who she is.

Rosen, who is 22 years old, says she wants to find her soul mate who’s also going to be an occasional travel buddy.

Rosella, 25 from Cebu City, joined the agency because she wants to find a responsible guy to have a serious relationship with.

Why does Jaysel, 25, think about foreign men? She thinks that a foreign man is loyal and loving, that they understand Filipino women, and that one will love her for who she is.

What about Jessa Leir Sairah, 25? Why did she join the agency and attend a Social? Because she wants to meet her future husband.

Notice how there isn’t a single mention of money or a green card or any other unscrupulous reason? Loyalty and acceptance – these are two of the most common reasons that these Filipina women, and many others just like them, want to be with a foreign man.

There are many foreign men who come out to meet women in the Philippines. Many come to Cebu, arguably the best place in the Philippines to find a wife. If you want to be one of the men who experience the sublime joy of dating a Filipina, then sign up now.

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