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Relationships with Local Single Moms: Loving Their Children

Planning a future together with your Filipina bride is one of the most exciting phases in your relationship. Marriage demands integrating your lives in all aspects and can be a challenge, especially with cultural differences. When you want to marry a single mother, the situation becomes even more special.

Single mothers would understandably have their children at the top of their priorities, especially in a family-oriented culture like the Philippines. Partners would have to accept this reality when dating local single moms. That is why visiting the country and getting to know her and her family more personally is essential in your relationship.

John, an international matchmaker, recalls his experience with Tanya’s toddler when they first met and he would come to visit her. “He did anything he wanted to do. He was a bit spoiled.” Though relating with her son was relatively easy for him, he thought adjustments would be necessary once they moved in with him.

When John, Tanya, and her son finally lived together in the U. S., the couple agreed to make some rules and structure in the household to live more harmoniously as a family. John shares that it was not all that easy. “It took a bit of time, there was a little bit of tears on everybody’s part but I think in the long run it paid off.”

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The woman’s children are important to consider when in a relationship with local single moms.

John explains a child needs structure and must have an adult to give guidelines. Both parents have to step up in disciplining and leading the family. He also emphasized the importance of a couple being on the same page, whether about punishments, behaviors, or rules. If not, children will pit you against each other, and it will harm the family.

Dina, another international matchmaker agrees. “If you guys love each other and the daughter [child] will see it, then you’ll be okay,” she says.

Different factors are important to consider when adjusting to your partner’s child. “What country, how old the daughter [child], when it’s gonna happen, if you have more time to visit them,” should be taken into account according to Dina. If the child is a little girl, it will be relatively easier than if she were a teenager, for example.

Truly, a relationship with a single mother can have its complexities. But with today’s diverse mix of modern women, there is a fair chance you would get to date one. The upside is that single mothers looking for a man who is mature and responsible are the kind of partners who also want a serious long-term commitment.

Filipina single mothers seek a genuine connection like you, which makes the relationship all worth it. If you think they are the right kind of partner for you, sign up for free on and take a look at our women’s profiles. You can also search for particular qualities you look for to help you find your future bride.

John assures that you can always talk about your concerns with them. They are happy to talk to single moms and their partners and share their views and experiences. There are also support groups to whom they can refer you to help cope with the adjustments.

There is no full-proof way to prepare for this situation. You can discuss it as a couple and also chat with single mothers who have gone the same way.

When you marry a single mother, it is natural and expected to be concerned about her children too. They might seem like a hindrance but when you learn to accept and love them, they will eventually enrich your relationship and family life. And your partners will love you even more for that.

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