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Single Asian Women: Why Foreign Men Prefer to Date Filipinas

More and more Americans and foreign men are braving the seas to find love in Asia.

Justly so because with their personality and beauty, single Asian women, particularly Filipinas, prove to be the premium catch.

Moreover, with the drastically changing dating scene in America, a tour client says that international dating is the best option.

“If you’re a down-to-earth guy like me,” he says, “international dating is the best for you because if you’re down to earth in America, women find you boring.”

According to him, good-hearted men are under-appreciated in the Western world. “If you’re too much of a nice guy it seems you’re not interesting or exciting.”

But that’s not the case with Asian single ladies. “If you go overseas, the women are naturally down to earth. It’s so easy to connect with them conversationally and socially,” he shares.

Every man dreams of loving and sharing life with a tender, caring woman, but presently “in modern America, that’s virtually impossible to find,” our tour client says.

That’s what makes the Philippines a hotspot for foreign dating. “A lot of Western guys found that they love Filipinas and the girls treat them so good.” He explains, “There seems a natural symbiosis between a Western guy and a sweet nice Filipina.”

International dating is a fantastic experience that gives you a rich and promising opportunity to find the love of your life. At, we not only match you with a beautiful Filipina, but we also make it possible for you to meet her in person through our Singles Tours and Socials.

“It’s incredible because what’s almost impossible to find here is everywhere there. If you go there, you’ll see what I mean,” he says, encouraging others to visit the Philippines and meet Asian women seeking men who also want an authentic long-term relationship.

“There are so many lonely guys suffering in America in silence. They’re getting depressed. They might go crazy and violent. They need to hear this message,” our tour client says.

Two single Asian women at a Social in the Philippines
The simplicity and beauty of single Asian women, particularly Filipinas, make them a perfect match for foreign men looking to marry.

More than any of the top Asian dating sites, expertly assists you to find your Filipina bride. “If you are a down-to-earth guy you’ll love this because you can connect with women at the same level, at the same wavelength,” he affirms.

As you venture into foreign dating and learn how to find an Asian girlfriend, it is good to know some pros and cons.

“In the Philippines, there are pros and cons,” our tour client states. “The good thing is that they speak English to a basic level so there’s not that language barrier and their personality is so relaxed and nonjudgmental.”

On the other hand, he sees that it’s also a challenge. “They are a lot more simple-minded. Guys like women who are more simple and they don’t care if they’re educated or if they can hold intelligent conversations or not. Some guys care about that, some guys don’t. So it depends on the guy.”

Apart from dating advantages, there are other benefits to exposing oneself to a different culture. “In a lot of other countries, people are curious about you so they want to engage you socially. There’s social connection.”

He adds, “There’s a lower cost of living overseas. You don’t have to work as much. You have a less financial burden. In most industrialized countries there is national health care and the food is healthier too.”

All these surely make dating single Asian women all the more enticing. “Every guy wants to be needed, to be appreciated, to wake up feeling like he’s desired,” our tour client says.

For all those sincere gentlemen seeking a serious relationship with a genuine woman, international dating will make your dream a reality. Register for free at and get ready to meet beautiful ladies searching for men just like you.

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