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What Single Women from the Philippines Want in Foreign Men

Single women from the Philippines posing for a photo at the beach
Increase your chances of dating single women from the Philippines. Know their ideal type!

They say that love is a journey.

In that case, what’s your starting point?

For many, the answer would be to have an ideal type. But rather than using it to find the perfect partner, it serves more as a guide to assessing relationship compatibility.

Everyone’s ideal type of partner or relationship varies.

But Filipinas have a general preference when it comes to international dating.

Melsheen, a 32-year-old psychology student, speaks on behalf of single women from the Philippines in terms of the qualities that they look for in foreign men.

Good Intentions

Melsheen grew up in a loving household.

However, her mom wasn’t always physically present due to being an overseas Filipino worker in Kuwait.

Despite this, she understood that her mom’s absence was a sacrifice made to provide for their needs.

Like Melsheen, many other Filipinas face the same reality.

As a result, they seek foreign men who, like their family, always have their best interests at heart.


When going to the Philippines to find a wife, you’ll notice that most Filipinas publicly display their faith.

Oftentimes, you’ll see them making the sign of the cross when they pass by a Cathedral or say a short prayer before a meal.

Aside from these obvious displays of their devotion, however, a more subtle reflection of their faith are their relationship values.

Having said that, Filipinas are loyal to one partner. They believe that doing so honors God’s commandment to commit themselves in their relationships.

Since they uphold the religious belief that one needs to stay true to their partner, they find it ideal to date or marry foreign men who also have faith in God.

Nice Appearance

According to Melsheen, a man’s appearance is an important factor as to whether she’ll consider him as a potential partner.

This mindset is shared by many single women from the Philippines.

However, it’s not because they’re obsessed with beauty.

In the Philippines, your appearance tells of your current health and well-being.

If you’re in good shape and well-dressed, this simply means that you don’t neglect your needs.

In turn, this also tells them that you’re ready to be in a relationship wherein you can responsibly care for your partner.


If you want to attract a single Filipino woman, you need to show that you’re capable of being a provider.

In the Philippines, men are traditionally seen as the breadwinner of the household. Meanwhile, women are tasked with taking care of the home and the children.

However, Melsheen shared that she’s willing to work if her future partner allows it.

Like her, many women have embraced this perspective on mature Filipina dating.

Meet and Date Single Women from the Philippines

If you’re looking to date single women from the Philippines, keep in mind the qualities they are looking for in a partner.

Rest assured that even if you don’t meet everything on the list, you can still find your match.

These general preferences simply serve as a starting point for Filipino women to determine compatibility.

Ultimately, they are open to deviating from their ideals when love finds its way into their hearts.

Meanwhile, take another step towards finding love.

Our matchmakers can help you connect and chat with Filipinas, as well as arrange opportunities for you to meet women in the Philippines and potentially find your partner within a matter of days.

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