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Money or Love? The True Intentions of Philippine Single Ladies

Philippine single ladies talking to a foreign man at the socials
Money or love? Meet Philippine single ladies whose hearts are set on finding a good and loving husband.

“You can’t buy happiness and love.”

This is what Jennifer, a 26-year-old psychology student, said as she expressed her intentions to marry a foreign man.

Oftentimes, when people see a Filipina together with a foreigner, they think that he’s being exploited for his wealth.

In some cases, that may be true, as there are foreigners who were scammed in their relationships.

However, not all women have ulterior motives.

Many are genuinely involved in these relationships out of love for their partners.

Just like that, it’s best not to make sweeping generalizations.

Instead, get to know the following reasons why Philippine single ladies want to marry foreign men.


According to Jennifer, she’s attended three of our socials.

Like the matchmakers from our dating agency in the Philippines, she has witnessed many success stories from her fellow singles who found love within a few days.

She stated that most of them are already married and happily living with their partner in the U.S.

Having formed friendships with some of the attendees, Jennifer has heard stories of how well foreign men treat their wives.

She was particularly drawn to their non-judgmental personality.

Instead of criticizing their partner’s beliefs and opinions, they actively listen and engage. While they may not fully understand or agree, they still know how to show respect.

Happy that her friends found such well-mannered men, she also hopes to find a foreign man who will treat her right.

Consistent Character

Like many other cute Filipinas, Jennifer was raised to be family-oriented.

She considers her family as her source of strength and inspiration, appreciating their wholehearted support through the good times and the bad.

With such a high regard for them, she views their experiences as learning opportunities.

For instance, her older sister was experiencing a rocky marriage with a Filipino man. It was because of this that she entertained the idea of marrying a foreigner.

According to Jennifer, her sister’s husband was sweet during the initial years of their relationship. However, after having children, he became a different person, and his bad temper became more prominent.

Apart from getting to try something new, she wanted the opportunity to be with someone she knew would be good to her.

Countering Negative Perceptions

As a pretty Filipina in the international dating scene, Jennifer is well aware of the negative perceptions that others have regarding her desire to marry a foreign man.

However, she firmly believes that money doesn’t matter, as she’s born without a silver spoon in her mouth and is content with leading a simple life.

Moreover, she knows that her intentions are genuine.

As long as she’s able to effectively communicate that to her potential partner, that’s all that matters to her.

But for now, she’s patiently waiting for the right man.

Meet Philippine Single Ladies Who Marry for Love

There are numerous Filipinas looking for men to marry. But how can you be sure that their intentions are genuine?

The answer is to meet them in person. Get to know Philippine single ladies who are seeking love and marriage with the help of our matchmakers.

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