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5 Great Cities to Meet Filipino Women

A photo of the Manila skyline Meet Filipino women while visiting great Philippine cities! | Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

There was a time when taking a trip to the Philippines meant only going to Manila or Boracay. Back in the nation’s history, most of its progress happened in or around the city of Manila. This gave rise to the negative stereotype that many of the citizens from the provinces were less educated, mannered, and cultured. That notion, now more than ever, couldn’t be further from the truth. From all corners of the country you can find beautiful, smart, and charming Filipino women.

There are a multitude of cities in the country that offer all the conveniences of modern living while being breathtaking tourist destinations. Each city has established universities, sprawling malls and commercial centers, all while being a minute’s drive to a beach or mountain view. Filipinos everywhere have adopted a wonderful balance of an urban and rural lifestyle.

When coming over to the Philippines, take the opportunity to visit it’s different cities and islands. The people are warm, friendly, and genuine. The women offer their own brand of feminine charm and are some of the most amiable in the world.

If you are looking for a smart, modern Filipino woman and want to take her around a city that has everything like hotels, restaurants, and natural tourist destinations, take your pick on any of these wonderful Philippine cities.

  1. Cebu

    Cebu City has everything! It is among the highest urbanized cities in the Philippines. With the largest economy outside of Manila, Cebu is a microcosm of urban development and tourism.

    The beauty of Cebu is that it can be what you need it to be. Do you want your trip to be a stirring and fast-paced thrill? It can be. Do you just want to take it slow and have a relaxing good time? It can be that too. There are no shortages of modern conveniences in Cebu City. There are several huge malls, top-class hospitals, hotels, and casinos. White-sand beaches and resorts are less than an hour away. There are top-rate bars and restaurants all around the city.

    Cebuana women are highly intelligent, modern, and adventurous. Apart from that they are absolutely beautiful!

    They can chill out at the mall or they can go swimming at the beach. They love to travel and go hopping around nearby islands.

    There is pretty much nothing you can’t do or have in Cebu. It’s what makes it a favorite tourist destination. It’s common to see tourists from the United States, China, South Korea, and Japan anywhere around the city.

  2. Bacolod

    While many people associate the Philippines with its white-sand beaches, Bacolod has a more countryside feeling to it. Its landscape consists mainly of a vast scenery of plains and sugarcane plantations.

    Driving through its highways, you are treated to a beautiful panorama that evokes a sense of true freedom and peace.

    Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles. It’s no wonder the women from Bacolod are some of the kindest and sweetest you will ever meet. Although a lot of them may be shy and timid at first, on the inside, they are strong-willed, determined, and are terrific homemakers. They are an absolute charm to talk to!

    One of the great things about Bacolod is that it’s not just a beautiful place to tour around but it’s a great place to live in as well.

    The city government has taken its urban planning seriously and has developed areas and roads with future urban expansion in mind. Along with reasonable real estate prices, settling down there may just seem like a very reasonable choice.

    Bacolod is known for great yet inexpensive food. They are famous for their chicken inasal (roasted chicken) and local sweets. While there aren’t beaches nearby, there are many beautiful mountain destinations worth going to, like Mambukal Mountain Resort and Campuestohan Highland Resort, and the old-city remnant, The Ruins.

  3. Dumaguete

    Listed as the top place to retire in the entire country, Dumaguete has attracted many tourists for its low cost of living and relaxing yet enjoyable atmosphere. Retirees, tourists, locals and students alike frequent the boulevard strip, where all kinds of good fun and relaxation can be had.

    The locals are extremely friendly and, like most Filipinos, speak English well. It is easy to fit in and get comfortable. A large part of the Dumaguete community is built around Silliman University, one of the most established and known universities in the country.

    The charm of living in Dumaguete lies in its very homely environment. There you can easily get along with the people, stroll around in shorts and flip flops and have a bite to eat at any of its numerous restos and bars. There you will feel little to no stress, and that’s what makes it such a great place to be.

  4. Davao

    Davao is a treasure trove of adventure for the thrill-seeker. If you are looking for a city to try new things, eat exotic food, and free your intrepid self, this is the place to be. While possessing the elements of any modern metropolis, Davao is home to nature wildlife reserves, mountain parks, and beaches.

    Davao is a place to simply have fun. It boasts a great night scene with excellent music and entertainment. During the daytime you can either stay cozy at a coffee shop at the mall or walk across alligator-filled ponds at the zoo.

    Davao is surrounded by several beautiful islands with white-sand beaches and class accommodations, like Samal Island. The ladies are equally fun to be with. They are fun to be around, relax, and chat with but are equally adventurous.

    Davao people are known for their discipline and care for the environment. While not to be outdone in smarts, wits, and beauty, they love their city and care for it dearly.

  5. Metro Manila

    It wouldn’t be right to leave the nation’s capital off the list. While being far isolated from beaches and mountains, the rush and buzz of Manila is sure to get your heart pumping and your blood rushing.

    If you love everything about a concrete jungle, this is the place for you.

    Manila women are a bit different from their southern counterparts. They can be more direct and less laid-back. They are usually more aggressive, as is the case with most city dwellers.

    This is not a problem. They are nonetheless sweet and delightful as well as smart. Many of these Filipino women seeking men are go-getters and know what they want in a man.

    Manila is a great place to date as it is prolific with restaurants, clubs, and bars. There are entire avenues dedicated to the night life.

    Manila isn’t chill or laid-back. It’s fast-paced and highly energized. If that’s your thing, it should be top of your list.

Philippines Is Worth Visiting

Whichever you choose to visit, know that there are no mistakes to be made in exploring Philippines cities and provinces. Most Philippine cities have a few things in common: the usual suspects of mall and fast-food chains, while being surrounded by wonderful natural tourist destinations.

Their people and especially the Filipino women are as nuanced as the cities themselves. There is so much beauty to uncover and discover, so try to make it a point to visit more than one place in the Philippines on your next visit.

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