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How to Dress When Dating in the Philippines

men’s ensemble Dress right when dating in the Philippines.

Whether you are dating in the Philippines or somewhere else, naturally you’d want to impress your date. It’s practically one of the rules of courtship in the Philippines today.There are plenty of ways to do that, such as being a gentleman, being candid, and being considerate. But appearance also factors in how she would perceive you. It’s not that you have to be good looking, but still you should look presentable when out on a date with Filipino women.

The way you dress also impacts her impression of you. What you wear actually reveals a lot about who you are as a person. So if you want to make a lasting impression on her, you have to dress the part.

But since the Philippines is so warm, it’s not wise to be donning a full suit. If you do, you might just sweat all through the date, which could just ruin the overall look. Fortunately there are ways you can look stylish without still keeping your cool—both literally and figuratively. So if you want to look good for your date, here are some style tips for dressing for a date in the Philippines:

  1. Breathable fabric
  2. Cotton is your friend when dealing with the warm Philippine climate. But most cotton shirts can look plain when you are out on a date with Philippine women. If you are on a more formal date, you can get away with wearing a linen polo shirt. Because of how thin the fabric can be, either wear a dark color or wear a sleeveless under shirt so it doesn’t become translucent when you sweat (although it is moisture absorbent, so you don’t have to be too worried about sweat stains either).

    Of course, you have to make sure that your chosen linen shirt fits your frame just right. If your top is too fit, it might highlight flab that you wouldn’t want exposed. On the other hand, if it’s too loose, it would like the shirt swallowing you whole.

    The good thing about linen shirts is they are quite flexible in a sense that they can be worn to casual or formal dates. So make sure to load up on linen tops when you finally arrive to meet your date in the Philippines.

  3. Flip-flops still a no-no
  4. Yes, most Filipinos wear flip-flops, but that’s when they’re in the comfort of their own homes. When they go to work or hang out with their friends, they either wear sneakers or leather shoes (depending which is applicable).

    With that said, when you are dating a Filipino make sure to pick the right footwear. If you are worried about the humidity getting to your feet, you can either wear espadrilles, boat shoes, and penny loafers. To keep your feet cool, you can opt to go sockless and wear slightly shorter pants.

    On the other hand, if you are exploring the outdoors, you have to be mindful of the terrain and landscape. If you think outdoor sneakers are too bulky, then you can opt to wear sandals. Plenty of shoe brands have sandals meant for the outdoors.

  5. Avoid the tourist uniform
  6. Aside from skin color, what makes foreigners stick out like a sore thumb is their outfit, which is the usual board shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and flip-flops. If you think this passes as appropriate attire in the Philippines, think again.

    Because of Filipino culture, Pinoys also adhere to certain dress codes. When they go to the city, they dress smartly even when attending casual affairs. And Filipinos are also a stylish bunch. They are quite in tune with the fashion industry and try to emulate whatever’s trending.

    So if you show up to the date wearing the usual tourist attire, don’t expect her to stick around. Instead, pick an outfit that not only fits your frame but also reveals a little bit of your personality.

  7. Right amount of cologne
  8. A spritz of fragrance never hurt anyone. But spraying on too much would put off your date. It turns out, women are more sensitive to odor compared to men. Additionally, they have evolved to have a more heightened sense of smell.

    You might think there’s no such thing as too much cologne; but remember, you never know if your date would have a sensitive sinus until she starts sneezing all over the place. So just apply the right amount.

    If you think colognes are too ostentatious, you can always rely on a mild aftershave or the good old-fashioned bath using a mildly scented soap. One way you can prevent body odor is to use an antibacterial soap.

    Think of it this way, if you smell pleasant enough, your date might just use it as an excuse to get closer to you. Talking about the advantage of taking care of your hygiene.

  9. Mindl of the occasion and venue
  10. Even if you donned your best outfit, it would all be for naught if it doesn’t fit the occasion or the venue. If you get it right, not only would it prove that you put some effort into your date but she might just admire how well you pulled off your outfit.

    If you are headed to a fancy restaurant, naturally the right outfit would be your Sunday’s best. But there are some places that fall somewhere between casual and formal. If you are headed to those places, play it safe by wearing a slightly formal ensemble.

    In case you are the one planning the date, let her know so that she’d know whether she needs to go casual, formal, or outdoorsy. You wouldn’t want to embarrass her on your first date.

In short, just make sure to pick clothes that are perfect for the climate, the event, and your body type. The right outfit can help boost your confidence, which you need to impress your date.

Aside from confidence, another thing to know about dating in the Philippines is the cultural differences. Find out what expressions, mannerisms, and topics are considered taboo. That way you don’t put your foot in your mouth in the presence of beautiful Filipino women. You can win her over with not only the right outfit but also with a winning personality.

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