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Beach Destinations to Take Your Filipina Girlfriend to This Couple Appreciation Month

April 1 is fast approaching and lovers all over the world couldn’t be any happier.

What exactly happens during that day? No, it’s not April Fools — it’s National Couple Appreciation Month!

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Take your Filipina girlfriend somewhere special this National Couple Appreciation Month!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take your favorite Filipina girlfriend out on a holiday trip!

April is one of the hottest months in the Philippines, so it’s the perfect time to go out and hit the beach. Think of all the activities you can enjoy together— swimming in white sand beaches, snorkeling, or maybe even diving.

The Philippines certainly isn’t lacking in getaway options. The beaches are absolute heaven for beach lovers all over the world. It’s what the Philippines is best known for.

What’s more, they have more than 7,000 islands that’s plenty enough to keep you occupied the entire month.

Destinations to Visit on your Holiday:

If you’re on the level of calling her Mahal, Langga, or any of Filipina girlfriend nicknames, then put your romance through the roof by taking her to these picturesque beaches:

  • White Beach

White beach is arguably the most popular beach in Boracay. You’re guaranteed a good time with its iconic sunset views and vibrant nightlife.

Everything is accessible on this beach, which makes it easier for you and your girlfriend to grab a bite and buy souvenirs.

  • Puka Shell Beach

If you prefer a low-key and tranquil vacation, Puka Shell Beach is the place to go. This beach in Boracay is not as well developed as White beach. Even so, its raw beauty never fails to capture the hearts of tourists.

This beach is comparable to what Boracay was like in the past — less crowded and a best kept secret.

  • Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, located south of Bantayan Island, is a small, secluded beach that lives up to its name.

There aren’t many visitors in this place compared to the other beaches in Bantayan Island. Nevertheless, this beach is clean and peaceful, which is perfect for you and your girlfriend to just chill out and catch up on some lost time.

Palawan is at the very top of every Filipino dream vacation list
  • Hidden Beach

Despite its name, the Hidden beach is actually one of the most frequented beaches in Palawan. Some might even argue that it is a mainstream beach — and for a good reason.

This beach is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Its unique, rugged limestone formations give the place a raw appeal. The beaches are shallow enough for people of all ages to enjoy, and the waters are so clear you can see what’s beneath you.

  • White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach is tucked away on Cresta de Gallo island, which is located in the province of Romblon.

There is almost no tourism in this area, so you will feel like you have your own little slice of paradise. But because of this, you may have to bring a few extra necessities since there is basically nothing on the island as well.

  • Alona Beach

Located on the southwest tip of Panglao Island in Bohol, this beach is a perfect place for you to just sit back and enjoy the scenery. The pristine coastline and clear waters are truly a sight for sore eyes, even under the heat.

Because of the popularity of Alona beach, this place is chock full of various accommodations to help you make the most of your trip. Restaurants, bars, and resorts — everything you need to keep you and your girlfriend occupied.

Travel Essentials When Going to the Beach

Ensure your romantic getaway goes without a hitch by keeping track of your travel essentials.

It’s easier to enjoy your romantic getaway when you have everything you need packed in your bag.

Remember, sweetly feigning helplessness is one of many typical Filipina girlfriend traits, so make sure you have her covered for any situation.

Don’t forget any of these items during your trip to the beach:

  • Sunscreen

If you are fair skinned, then sunscreen is an absolute must. Don’t underestimate the Philippine heat. Even locals experience severe sunburn if they stay under the sun for too long.

Umbrellas can be quite a hassle to carry along. It’s easier to bring sunscreen.

  • Mini Fan

You can’t beat the Filipino heat without this handy little object. There’s a good reason why you see tourists holding mini fans up to their face when you’re out on a trip. Trips to the beach require a lot of walking before you reach the actual destination. Having a mini fan handy keeps you from fainting in exhaustion.

  • Bottle of water

It may seem like quite a hassle to carry a bottle of water around, but you’ll be glad you did. There are some beaches that don’t have shops or stalls where you can buy. What’s more, you might be charged too much just for a bottle of water.

  • Extra Clothes

Even if you don’t have any plans to take a dip in the water, you still might get soaked. It will be difficult for you to move around if you’re sopping wet. If you want your trip with your girl to be as smooth as possible, do yourself a favor and bring spare clothes.

  • Flip flops

Tsinelas, as the Filipinos like to call it, are an absolute must at the beach. It wouldn’t make sense to wear running shoes at the beach — they’re likely to get soggy and dirty.

Flip flops are your best friend during your stay in the Philippines. It’s easier for you to grab and go to your next stop.

Enjoy the Philippines!

Making the most out of your stay in the Philippines is a crucial part of dating a

Filipino woman. These ladies are always up for a good adventure somewhere in their home country.

Couple Appreciation Month just gives you one more reason to treat your girl to a dream vacation. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to catch up and make new memories.

But of course, you shouldn’t forget the very purpose of Couple Appreciation Month. You don’t really need an occasion to tell your girlfriend how thankful you are to them. But it does help to have occasion to remind you how much you appreciate her.

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