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Travel Hacks You’ll Need Traveling to the Philippines

A magnificent nighttime view from a resort in Cebu, Philippines. Enjoy the best of the Philippines by using these travel hacks that are sure to come in handy!

Almost every individual has their own bucket list that is just full of fun and overboard things that you simply cannot do on every normal day. Wall climbing, bungee jumping, trying out exotic foods, paragliding, and even traveling to the Philippines. Is that one of your bucket lists too? Then, that’s totally great to know!

The Philippines has started to become popular among the foreign nationals from all over the world who wish to visit one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you are one frequent visitor to different travel advisory blogs and sites, you will see how the Philippines always makes a spot in the list.

For tourists who aim to save money but travel at the same time, this country is perfect for such preference. You will easily find the exchange rates to be reasonable and your budget will be more than enough as you go around hopping from various shopping malls to hotel rooms.

If you visit the Philippines, there will be a number of things that you are going to need to prepare. One common piece of advice for travelling to the Philippines is to let yourself be familiar with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and be a scout. As you enter the Philippines, there will also be a handful of things that you’re going to need to adjust according to the Philippines travel restrictions in light of the current pandemic.

See beautiful Filipino women around the country and know these travel hacks you will need in traveling to the Philippines:

1. Bringing your own Universal Travel Adaptor.

You are always in need of your gadgets when you are at a place away from home. The need of you to use these gadgets double as much compared to when you are at a place you are familiar with.

In order to avoid having a dead battery along the way, see to it that you make space for your own universal travel adaptor. In the Philippines, plugs and sockets usually have a standard capacity of 220 volts and accommodates the standard American plugs of type A and type B.

Surely you won’t want to bother yourself in looking for the nearest hardware store from you, so better be prepared before traveling.

2. Learning a few Tagalog words.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,000 islands and each province has its own dialect that is uniquely structured among the rest but the language Tagalog is considered the national language of the country and it will be totally helpful for you to learn a few words.

As you travel, you can get by with these Tagalog words:

-Magandang umaga. (Good morning.)

-Magandang tanghali. (Good afternoon.)

-Magandang gabi. (Good evening.)

-Pwede po magtanong? (Can I ask you something?)

-Magkano po ito? (How much does this cost?)

-Saan po ang daan papunta doon? (Which way do I go to reach this place?)

-Maraming salamat. (Thank you so much.)

-Walang anuman. (You’re welcome.)

-Paalam. (Goodbye.)

3. Travelling the country in 30 days.

Worried about your visa and other travel papers? Worry not when you are in the Philippines. You can easily enter the country without a visa and stay in the country for a maximum of thirty (30) days given that one’s passport has a validity of at least six (6) months beyond the time of stay in the Philippines.

If being in the Philippines has made it earn a spot in your heart and realize that you wish to stay a little longer, applying for a visa waiver first would be best and you would be granted an additional of twenty-nine (29) days.

4. Know your maps and the way to the streets.

Most of the highly developed provinces and cities in the Philippines are covered with streets that connect to just about anywhere. With this, it might be easy for you to get a little lost while wandering around.

To avoid finding yourself in an unfortunate situation, familiarize yourself with the directions and refer to up-to-date maps. Keep in mind the street names that you pass or any landmark that you should not forget. Take note of places and find prominent buildings or stores that are easy to catch the eye and you will find yourself never lost in any way.

5. Coordinating your calendar with the biggest celebrations.

The Philippines is known for its various grand and festive celebrations all throughout the year in varying provinces all over the country. If you would like to experience fun and celebrations the Filipino way, mark these events on your calendar:

-Sinulog Festival (Cebu) in January

-Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo) in January

-Ati-atihan Festival (Aklan) in January

-Panagbenga Festival (Baguio) in March/April

-Moriones Festival (Marinduque) in March/April

-Pahiyas Festival (Quezon) in May

-Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival (Tacloban) in June

-Sirong Festival (Surigao del Sur) in August

-Masskara Festival (Bacolod) in October

6. Saving up on transportation by riding the iconic ‘jeepneys’.

Back in your home country, you may have ridden the bus, taxis, or the subway multiple times throughout your life. These modes of transportation are somewhat costly and may not be easily accessed at almost all time you may want it to.

In the Philippines, Filipino citizens get through their daily commute through the iconic jeepneys. These Philippine jeepneys are of different colorful hues that are designed to transport more than 15 people at the same time. It’s body is composed of large and long windows to freely let the air blow in and out.

Do not miss out on the chance to try this ride for you will not see such in any place other than the Philippines!

Around the Philippines in 30 Days!

If you have always wondered how to prepare for a trip to the Philippines without having to miss anything, it would absolutely help you to use these travel hacks to get you around the country.

Do not agonize over anything unfortunate that could happen to you because with the Filipino people and their hospitality surrounding you, surely nothing could go wrong. Start traveling to the Philippines now!

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